In the heart of the Angel of London, step into the retro hair wonderland spearheading the gender neutral salon revolution. Take a prime London location, fill it with the most dreamlike 1950s-style pastel kitchen interiors (fake Smeg fridge doors and all), a French Bulldog named Gaston dozing on a loungeRead More →

Ronnie Dunn is a transgender stylist at Super Cuts in Cary. Six months ago, she underwent facial feminization surgery on her forehead, as part of UNC’s transgender health program. The results are transformed. “You feel pretty, you feel beautiful. You feel good about yourself,” Dunn said. “They contoured my forehead,Read More →

Before I sat in the stylist’s chair at Amazon’s new hair salon, my hair had only been professionally seen twice in the past 18 months. This hiatus led to a huge growth spurt, but a lack of maintenance meant it invariably ended with a scruffy pineapple bun on top ofRead More →

Hairdressing is an art – that’s why it should be left to professionals. Unfortunately sometimes even professionals fail. A woman taken from TikTok to share the nightmarish dye job she received from a professional stylist, and six million views later, it seems the results left her fellow users just asRead More →

Finding a new hairdresser turned out to be a daunting task for both men and women. The experience of having to trust a new stylist for your hair can be daunting, especially in a foreign city or country. Some people generally don’t like the hassle of explaining what they wantRead More →