25-Year-Old Sisters of Black-Owned Hair Salon Launch All-Natural Hair Moisturizer and Protective Styling Products

To encounter Glynis and Shelly Smith, two siblings who own a successful hair salon in Kansas City, Missouri, and help hundreds of shoppers around the world with their hair care needs. They are also the founders of a line of hair care products known as Even natural youa fusion of their Guyanese-American tradition and their resilience as women.

Their product line combines unique substances harvested from crops and plants discovered in their homeland in the South American Amazon rainforest, along with our many hours of disciplinary expertise providing skilled hair care providers to their clientele.

As the children were growing up in Guyana, industrial hair care products were not available so they made their own hair care products using pure substances from our environment. The sisters remark: “Our beginnings were humble and we lived modestly – each in Guyana and after emigrating to America, but we always dreamed of having a personal business sooner or later. As young people, our mother and father instilled strong family values ​​of being trustworthy and hard working. These similar values ​​remain at the core of our lives and our business to this day.

One morning in November 2013, their dream was all but cut short when they were overcome with carbon monoxide as they slept in their home. If it hadn’t been for one family member who managed to flee the house to seek help, they could all have died. According to the chimney marshal, the level of carbon monoxide in the house was 40 times higher than safe advertised levels.

Shelly’s comments: “My sister Glynnis, I and two different relatives were rescued by firefighters and rushed to hospital in a crucial situation. We woke up inside the hospital grateful that God spared our lives and enabled us to triumph over tragedy.

She continues, “Nowadays, our ardor has blossomed into a full-service hair salon with a strong consumer base. The Meme Pure You product line was created to pay homage to our heritage, to re-introduce it to our loyal clientele, and to make all pure hair care accessible to all walks of life. It’s the mix of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

The sisters have been featured in a number of major news outlets, including NPR and WHY/PBS.

For more details on their products, visit their official website online at MemeNaturalYou.com.

This text first appeared on Blackbusiness.com.

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