A better and more musical Pool Party?

A new line of musical skins is about to arrive in the Rift. Everyone meets Ocean Song Ashe, Zeri, Yone, Nidalee, Seraphine (+Prestige)!

Ocean Song Ashe – 1350 RP

As CEO of warm clothing company Frel, Ashe is dead tired after spending a headlong year working in little sunshine at its northern headquarters. The Ocean Song Festival seems like the perfect place to warm up, disappear into the crowds and get lost in the fabulous music.

Ocean Song Ashe shares her splash art with Ocean Song Zeri. In the splash art, Ashe wears a sea-themed pink swimsuit that matches her hair. Her top is adorned with a clam shell, while pearls wrap around her waist. A cloak of water surrounds it as well as its watery arc.

Ocean Song Ashe’s basic attacks and passive effects are more water-focused than ice-focused. Basic attacks and Q-enhanced ones have fizzy particles on them. W fires a volley of gold-accented water-tipped arrows, leaving a dark blue trail. E launches a manta ray and leaves a mist when it explodes. Finally, R launches an Atlantean-themed golden arrow that creates a huge ripple on impact.

For her encore, Ocean Song Ashe does a little dance accompanied by her bow.

Ocean Song Nidalee – 1350 RP

The Ocean Song Festival is lucky to have Nidalee as a performing stylist, with her fashion guides selling almost as much as her albums, but in reality, she’s here as a featured part of Yone’s show. She was the first person he showed his lyrics to, and it’s his honor to lend them his voice.

Ocean Song Nidalee is also the group’s stylist, and stylist, from her festival-themed face paint to the cute accessories that adorn her legs. She holds her spear with her cougar form standing proudly beside her.

Ocean Song Nidalee’s basic attacks as a human are just her throwing her spear as is. Throwing Q would also cause him to throw his spear, albeit larger in size. Enemies marked by his passive will gain a golden diamond on top of their head. The traps appear to be made of a creature’s teeth. All particles, including those resulting from casting abilities as a cougar, have a watery theme.

Ocean Song Nidalee also does a dance while reminiscing, even as a cougar.

Ocean Song Seraphine – 1350 RP

After taking a break to recharge her creative spirit, Séraphine is back! Rather than diving straight into a solo tour, she taps into the relaxed energy of the Ocean Song Festival to get back to singing. Without a setlist, she will listen to her audience and let herself be carried away by the musical current.

Ocean Song Seraphine seems to have the most complicated outfit of all. While wearing a swimsuit similar to Ashe’s, hers is brighter and has many other small embellishments. Her long blonde hair is wavy, much like the waves that accentuate her outfits.

Ocean Song Seraphine’s basic attacks consist of throwing what looks like two water droplets at enemies, accurately depicting the damage she inflicts. His Q however, launches a much larger volume of water that splashes. Casting W produces a water shield, and if the heal activates, a huge ripple will focus on Seraphine. E is just a wave, trapping enemies in water if it triggers the root. His ultimate is a pink wave with two “orbs” traveling in the middle.

Ocean Song Seraphine does a very “popstar” dance when she reminisces. A song unique to this skin plays when it dances.

Ocean Song Seraphine Prestige Edition – 125 ME

Never content to swim with the tide, Séraphine is making waves with her new sea breeze look. Whether on the runway or on the concert stage, beach season is open and the water is warm.

Ocean Song Seraphine Prestige Edition gives off strong “Little Mermaid” vibes. She poses underwater, this time in a sky blue outfit, her hair flowing freely in all its glory. Her entire body is now visible and she is also seen holding what appears to be a microphone.

Many Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine animations are mostly the same as the non-prestige version, just shifted to have a pinker tint. However, the Q now casts a dolphin instead of a water sphere. His E is an exception, as this time it has a more golden and “sandy” color, instead of looking like a regular water wave.

Ocean Song Yone – 1350 RP

Yone is nervous. As a DJ he is calm, focused and improvisational, but Ocean Song is his first gig as a DJ and lyricist. After finding his secret stash of lyrics, his friend Nidalee volunteered to speak them herself when he refused. He may not be ready to sing, but they will still hear his voice.

Ocean Song Yone shares the fate of his brother in another skin universe, True Damage Yasuo, as the DJ of a music skin line. Who knows, maybe we will also have Ocean Song Yasuo?

Yone wears a pretty cool hat and sunglasses to protect himself from the sun, but his torso gets so much sun it might as well be a solar panel.

Ocean Song Yone wields the ordinary sword on his left, while the water-covered one sits on his right. Only Water Blade attacks and non-Tornado Q hits produce Sparkling Particles. When the third Q stack is active, Yone rushes in with a wave. The W sweep creates a wave and leaves a sandy texture on the map. This aqueous to sandy transition is also present in the generated shield. E leaves a darker clone locked in a watery cage. Yone leaves a trail of prismatic colors as he flashes with his ultimate.

Ocean Song Yone pulls out the mixer when he reminisces.

Ocean Song Zeri – 1350 RP

A promising water tamer from the southwest, Zeri dives headfirst into the Ocean Song Festival. This is her first time handling a scene on her own, and she may have gone a little overboard with her showstopper plans in order to give herself a calling card. Everyone loves a little overstimulation, right?

Ocean Song Zeri takes a selfie with Ocean Song Ashe, capturing several other champions in the background. Her blue hair matches her top and the orange sunglasses match her coat. She’s holding something that looks like a bubble gun, but we all know that would do a lot more damage than one.

His basic attacks still feel like electric shocks, and his Q is basically shooting lots of water drops. W fires a pulse of crisp, electrified water that transforms into a prism of colors as it is shot across the terrain. She blasts blue electricity with bubble particles when she ults, turning her, her clothes, and her hair a solid blue. Of all the skins of Ocean Song, it is certainly the least watery of them.

Ocean Song Zeri does a little energetic dance as she remembers.

Cupcakes, anyone?

In the splash art shared by Nidalee, Yone and Seraphine, a certain duo from the hit Netflix series Arcane can be seen taking a selfie in the background. Having trouble finding them? Follow the tips of Nidalee’s spear and you’ll see a familiar shade of pink and blue. At least Qiyana and Neeko are more visible in the same splash.

Yasuo (her back, really, but who else has that iconic ponytail?) can be seen in Ashe and Zeri’s splash art, with Akali a bit further.

Ocean Song skins are set to release on League of Legends Patch 12.11, featuring new champion Bel’Veth. To learn more about her, click here.

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