A black-owned hair salon in Bridgeport has been robbed for the second time this year

CHICAGO (CBS) — This is the second time in several months that a Bridgeport salon has been robbed.

The salon is owned by black people and women, and the owner told CBS 2’s Sabrina Franza that she’s had enough.

“It’s like a slap in the face. It’s like we’re trying to do so much to fit into the community and then we’re pushed back,” owner Brittnay Matthews said.

Matthews was on vacation with his family and came back to broken glass.

In the video from the ring camera, the sound of glass hitting the ground is audible.

All she heard on the video was “pow pow pow pow pow”.

Matthews could only watch the video helplessly from a distance.

“[It’s] a heartbreaking feeling that someone is like vandalizing your business,” she said.

The man searched the drawers, ransacking the place.

“To make matters worse, he stopped and went into my cupboards and got some trash bags to put the book bags in,” Matthews said.

He took dozens of backpacks for a back-to-school gift.

‘Like a slap’: Chicago salon owner’s shop robbed for second time in months


“We were going to give away all kinds of things, school bags for the kids, school supplies and he came over here and cleaned me up,” she said.

Her salon is meant to make people look more beautiful.

“I’m losing money because I have to keep replacing windows and doors, and then I’m also losing stylists, because who wants to come somewhere they don’t feel comfortable?” said Matthews.

In February, CBS 2 stopped at the store after being robbed the first time. Matthews spoke about the hate messages and signs posted around his store after it opened.

“We don’t get anything from our end, but hate is all we get back,” she said.

It’s unclear if either of the burglaries are connected, but then and now, Matthews said she hopes to rise above it.

She doesn’t have a backpack yet, but she’s still planning this gift.

“I think I’ll just move on, and that’s for the kids at the end of the day,” she said.

This block party giveaway is scheduled for September 3rd.

Meanwhile, CBS 2 asked police for updates on their break and enter investigations, but did not receive a response.

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