Adele’s hairstylist gave us the easiest tip to take our hairstyling game to the next level…

Adele’s voice may be iconic, but Adele’s hair? Well, it started to trend after the singer dropped her album cover artwork, 30. And while 25 was all about the one-liner with a zoom in of Adele’s eyes, 30 saw a side profile of Adele headlined by the most phenomenal and swishy blow-dry. Since then, Adele’s hair game has been on point for every appearance since and the blow-dry has had a modern makeover with over 556 million views on TikTok. His secret? Hairdresser, Sami Knight, who also counts Dua Lipa, Sydney Sweeney, Lily Rose Depp and Rita Ora among her clients. His secret? Don’t worry, we have contacted him to everything the pro tips for next-level A-lister hair.

Your clients’ hair should perform as well as they do, how do you ensure your hairstyles stay perfect all day and all night?

“For me, keeping the integrity and health of the hair is always the number one priority. If your hair is in bad shape, it will show. The more damaged it is, the more it needs to be repaired with extensions, hairpieces and clips Good strong hair is the best foundation After that comes a good styling prep I almost always prep the hair with a volumizing mousse or spray and blow dry it to give the hair some texture This is especially important on extra silky hair to give some grip that holds the style all night long.

If you wear your hair in curls, be sure to let the curls really settle in, give the hair time to heat up and cool down. Style is defined in the cooling of form, just as much as in the warming – both are important. For the finish, hairspray is a must, I tend to layer the hairspray for better hold. Don’t spray an entire bomb all over your style at once, use several lighter coats and let them dry in between. It will last much longer, and it won’t chip or take away your natural shine. It’s also a lot easier to brush your teeth when you finally go to bed.”

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What hair trends are you really passionate about?

“I’m really excited for people to embrace their natural hair textures. I think we can go beyond scouring our hair with flat irons and erasing our kinks, waves and curls. For me, modern hair is all about learning how to get the most out of your texture. Even if you have a wild mass of frizzy hair, be proud of it. Brush it up and wear it with joy. Health is key here, make sure your hair is nourished, not over-washed, heat styled, etc. Love your hair and give it the same attention and care you would give your skincare.

I recommend sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, regular deep conditioning masks, and don’t forget to boost that strength, shine, and condition with hair oil. I love Rehab Dose 1.0 and use it after every wash. I really noticed a difference in my hair. Not only does it look healthier, but my hair seems to have more waves now, which happens when your hair is super healthy, more of the natural pattern has a chance to come out.

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