Adele’s hairstylist shares the golden rules for keeping hair healthy while on tour

Adele’s signature hair look is flowing and voluminous, with a healthy, natural shine. The man behind her bouncy tresses is world-renowned hairstylist Sami Knight.

Adele returned to the stage this summer after a five-year hiatus from live performances in her hometown of London.

Over the two nights in Hyde Park, Adele entertained crowds of 130,000 and stunned onlookers with her incredible performances – and stunning looks on stage.

Along with signature outfits and understated natural makeup, Adele’s hairstyles are always flawless, thanks to her chunky locks and effortlessly bouncy blow-dry.


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The man behind her healthy-looking hair is Sami Knight, a Los Angeles-based hairstylist and the creator of some of Adele’s most iconic looks over the years. He shades his key tips for keeping hair looking its best, even if you’re on the go like Adele.

“My best products for keeping hair healthy start with conditioning, not shampooing too often, but using a high quality soap-free wash when you do, maintain your hair’s natural oils without stripping it,” we he said. Take a look at our guide to the best shampoos and conditioners if you want to learn more.

“Good quality leave-in conditioners are great if you straighten your hair, instead of using harsh, drying gels or waxes. The use of a heat protectant is a must if you style your hair with direct heat, because that’s when the greatest damage occurs.”


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Sami also advises using special sun protection for your hair. “Also, use SPF lotion on your hair when you’re in the sun, especially at the beach or around the pool. You can literally use any water-based sunscreen lotion on your hair. I often dilute mine more with water, and spray in. It makes such a difference in keeping your hair healthy for prolonged sun exposure.

“REHAB Dose Hair Oil would always be a great addition to a healthy hair care routine. can be used before styling as a smoother product, after styling for added shine and silkiness, or even before bed for overnight nourishment.

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