After 26 years as a hairdresser, Nichole Widhalm de Valier hangs up her scissors | New

How does a person say goodbye to someone who makes them feel good? Well, for Nichole Widhalm clients, farewell comes with one last visit for a head massage and hairstyle.

Nichole has been in the hair business for 26 years. She opened her boutique in Valier nine years ago after working for several years at Studio Montage in Great Falls. Unfortunately for her clients in Valier, she will hang up her scissors and unplug her hair dryer and curling irons on March 31.

When asked what was the favorite aspect of his job, Nichole replied, “My favorite part of my job is knowing that I can make someone feel and look good. Is there anything better than this? ”

Who doesn’t want to be beautiful? There were murmurs all over town: “Maybe if we were all really angry,” joked one customer who will remain anonymous, “maybe she would stay.”

“When you’re a hairdresser and you see someone every 4-6 weeks,” Nichole explained, “it becomes more than just hair. It’s a relationship. I become a small part of their story.

She continued, “With my clients, we have gone through marriages and divorces, having babies, losing loved ones, diagnosed with cancer, new careers and retirements. And even be 100 years old. I feel like I’m someone who supports them through life’s greatest victories and challenges. It’s a huge blessing to be a part of someone’s life like this. I am very grateful for the links and friendships that I have made.

Nichole was not disclosing the number of clients she had. After all, isn’t it part of a hairdresser’s job to keep secrets? “The majority of my clients were cuts and colors. I only have one weekly style which is Mrs. Dorothy Curry, our town’s famous centenary.

When asked about the challenges associated with her job, it wasn’t staying up all day or being able to please all of her clients that came to mind.

“The hardest part of my job is the schedule. It’s not like most jobs where you can make yourself sick and not have to make up for the day. These customers always need to see you. I pride myself on never calling sick. I only canceled when we had a medical emergency in our family and when the state closed for COVID. ”

What’s next for Nichole? “I can’t wait to slow down and spend some time at home. I am delighted to be more present to help my husband more on the farm and the ranch. I’m sure I’ll be a professional gate opener in no time, ”

Nichole added, “I am a great believer that when God closes one door, he opens another. My passion is to create. I have always loved playing with the designs and remodeling of the house. I would like to see if anything comes out of it.

And for its customers? They hope that a second door will open quickly, at least to find the right hairdresser, because the hair keeps growing. Nichole does her best to direct her clients to where they can receive hairstyling services similar to those she has been able to provide.

Best wishes, Nichole, for your next adventure!

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