Appreciate the ‘grandeur and richness’ of African hair at the Royal Hair Salon

This coming weekend will be your last chance to experience a new perspective on African hair as provided by artist Nikiwe Dlova at her Royal Hair Salon exhibition.

The exhibition has been running for about a month at his artist colleague Nelson Makamo. Botho project space in Johannesburg.

According to an explanation at the entrance to the exhibition, Royal Hair Salon is “a grand statement of African pride and a restored sense of luxury and royalty with an art exhibit that elevates the influence of African hairstyles to an interpretation. evolved from greatness and wealth. ”

The exhibition – built with the support of the Institut français and produced in collaboration with Dark and Lovely – is quite interactive. It offers a range of items that you can touch, wear or lay on or in.

One of the most striking things about Dlova’s work – in general and at the Royal Hair Salon – is her love for texture and color – two of the biggest characteristics of African hair and the range of styles in which it can. be worn.

Dlova is a young designer from Soweto and her favorite way of expressing herself is through hair, fashion, music and art.

Even though you may never have met her, if you have seen her you are bound to be remembered by the gorgeous and unique hairstyles that she wears.

In 2020, her work was featured in the Disney and Beyonce film “Black is King” in the form of a headset she designed for musician Busiswa Gqulu.

Talk to Live time Shortly after the film’s premiere, Dlova said the opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Functionality was very important to me because my work is based on being African, so being on a platform like Black Is King is validation. He says I’m on the right track.

“For Beyoncé, supporting local small businesses means a lot. We were able to share our creative stories for the world to see that creativity in Africa is vast, ”said Dlova.

The closing date of the Royal Hair Salon exhibition has been reserved for a Masterclass with Dlova which is actually exhausted.

If that isn’t a sign of her lust for her job, we don’t know what it is.

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