Is it possible to have loans for bad payers without the assignment of the fifth?

You become bad payers in case you have skipped a few installments of the loan or loan , how can we have a loan without assignment of the fifth having been protested ?

As we said it may happen that we skipped a few installments of the loan or loan that we had to pay and this for the most varied reasons, from the simplest one that is the lack of money to another, what can be a disease, then we have omitted some payments that we had to make at the Bank or at the financial, these may have protested .

Since that debt, however, we want to take it away from us, maybe we need money to pay the remaining installments, how can we do?

How to have loans if you are bad payers without the assignment of the fifth :

One of the most used methods in case one has been protested to obtain a loan, is the assignment of the fifth of the salary , or the assignment of the fifth of the pension .

The procedure is simple, through your employer and through a financial agency or a bank you make an agreement for which you pay the salary in a specific bank account and that salary, automatically one fifth is retained by the Bank as a return of the debt.

The same thing can be done with a pension, of course.

Sometimes, however, this is not possible for various reasons: for example, the bad payer does not have a permanent job, or does not have a pension, so the protested person can only avail himself of a loan that has been changed .

Loan changed , the only loan possible for protestors / bad payers :

What is the loan changed : as the word says, it is a loan made between individuals who repays with bills.

For years the Italian economy has gone ahead thanks to the changed loan . It was enough to have a trusted friend who presented you with a person willing to lend you the money and it was done: you could buy the car or the wasp, which allowed you to go to work and allowed you to repay the debt. The creditor was happy because he earned with the high interest rates on the debt, the debtor was happy because despite not having a steady job he could get the money he needed and everyone was happy.

Now this form of ‘shadow economy’ has been increasingly diminishing and private loans (which are unknown) are practically limited to large cities where there are loan sharks (we are talking about loans against the law, the restriction is not allowed and punished Penally Article 644 of the Criminal Code under the heading ‘ usury ‘).

How to find who makes loans changed to bad payers :

This is the problem: now there is no longer that trust between strangers that could have been there 30 or 40 years ago.

It ‘s very difficult to find someone who has the money and lend them, there are no more entrepreneurs who maybe in addition to their work also lent money, they are increasingly rare and those few who are too often are real loan sharks that if you do not pay bills of exchange you can send some ‘ debt collection agency ‘ home, then it’s trouble.

The only solution is to find a person who knows that he has the money available and ask him for this favor (which is not so much favor, since he earns money by lending it to us).

It can be a friend, an employer, or a relative, the important thing is that they have available the amount you need and have the confidence to lend them to you.

“True friends are seen in times of need,” they say.

If you have been protested , that is a bad payer and you need money, try to see how many real friends you have; ask him for a loan that has been changed.