Chris Appleton, hairstylist for J.Lo and Kim Kardashian, interview and tutorial

After 20 minutes, remove the rollers to reveal glamorous volume and shiny hair. “Spray hairspray on your bristle brush, then spray a shine spray on top, rather than applying the product directly to the hair,” he recommends. “It gives a great combination of hold and control, but also a great amount of shine when we brush through the curls.”

Chris says to brush through the curls until you create a soft, smooth wave, then finish the look with a little more shine spray for a real bombshell effect.

“I use 100 bottles of Color Wow Dream Coat each year”

When asked what his most-used hair product was, Chris didn’t have to think about it. “It’s Color Wow Dream Coat. I use it to prep any hair for any look because it gives me a hair texture transformation, which can’t be beat,” he said. Explain. “I probably drink 100 bottles a year.”

“I’m known for a snatch pony”

Chris is also renowned for the popular “glass hair” look and the “snatch” pony. “Glass hair is shiny hair, and the swept-back ponytail is a high ponytail worthy of a red carpet,” he says.

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“Going to Tahiti for Kim’s birthday was a real ‘pinch me’ moment”

Chris explains that he currently travels most often with J.Lo and Kim Kardashian, accompanying them to photo shoots and events to create his world famous hairstyles. But that’s not all the work.

“I went to Tahiti with Kim for her birthday,” he recalls. “It was really magical, it was one of those unique experiences that was a real ‘pinch me’ moment.” For her 40th birthday, Kim took her loved ones on a private jet to stay on an exclusive private island in Tahiti for a six-day celebration. “It was unforgettable,” adds Chris. But now the pro can add a wedding guest on J.Lo’s big day to his list.

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