Demi Rose enjoys a dip in the pool in Mykonos

Demi Rose never steps on your neck! The Instagram model kicked off the new week with a series of breathtaking bikini photos, reminding her fans that she is a sexy goddess.

Fashionably, Rose drove her fans crazy with her thick features and flawless beauty.

Demi Rose takes a dip in the pool, fans go wild!

The English model still hasn’t finished her stay in Mykonos, Greece, and has a series of photos to bless fans.

Instagram | Half Rose

On Monday, Rose turned up the heat with a photo of herself taking a dip in the pool at a luxurious location in the popular vacation spot.

She was seen sitting on the stairs inside the pool with her toned legs resting entirely in the body of water. The social media personality arched back against the wall of the pool and extended his torso to lie completely outside the body of water on the boardwalk.

Rose was sultry personified, crossing her feet in the water to accentuate her murderous curves. Her arched back supported her bust forward and her luscious hair was gracefully scattered around her face.

Rose donned a tiny two-piece thong bikini, with the bottom tucked into the pool while the top was exposed. The 27-year-old left very little to the imagination with the tiny bikini top having a small portion of fabric to cover just her nipples.

The rest of the set consisted of thin straps connected by a small string on the chest and several other strings attached to the neckline.

In one frame, Rose rested one hand seductively above her bust while the other lay on the pavement, touching her brunette hair.

In the other slide, she was staring fiercely at the distant camera with both hands tilted above her head. The fire footage was simply captioned, “Precious little diamond”.

Rose parties in Mykonos

Demi Rose posing for the camera.
Instagram | Half Rose

Within four hours, the post garnered over 71,000 likes and several comments from fans who can’t seem to get enough of Rose’s sexy aura.

A stunned fan asked, “Are you from earth or heaven?”

Another fan gushed over the model’s pics, writing, “All 3 pics are stunning…I’m speechless.” The photographs show a natural beauty, and this is something that is very much appreciated. Moreover, it can be seen that you are a simple person. It’s even nice to see you because it shows that you are a natural and inner beauty that you have as a person.

“You are becoming more beautiful and attractive day by day ❤️😍,” another fan said.

The 27-year-old has been partying in Greece for a while. However, over the weekend, she gave insight into her life and work in the European nation.

Rose took her fans with her for several photoshoots in a busy Instagram Reels clip. She showed off her boating day which saw her don several revealing outfits including a backless swimsuit with a plunging neckline that highlighted her heavy cleavage.

Demi Rose posing for the camera.
Instagram | Half Rose

She was also spotted rocking a bedazzled two-piece bikini with crystal beads serenading the top and the bottom gripping her petite waist.

In some frames, Rose let go of her bikini top, wearing only a small bottom and large hats as she struck several flirty poses. She, however, covered herself in eclectic pasties.

Still showing off her juicy assets

It wasn’t all brand work and shoots as the former DJ was spotted clinking champagne glasses with her three companions. There were also plenty of different delicacies on the yacht for her to feast on.

The short clip played on Austin Millz’s “Good Life” and Rose captioned it “feel in ‘nauti.”

As you may know, Rose is no stranger to exposing her killer curves and beautiful assets and there’s no doubt that her 19.9 million followers love her for it.

Demi Rose posing in the pool

Whenever she travels to a new place, be it for work or vacation, her fans are sure to be swept away by her stunning sparkly photos and videos.

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