Fairy Meadow Hairstylist Dreads Vaccine Discussions with Clients | Illawarra Mercury

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Many residents of Illawarra were less than inspired by Glady’s Berejiklian’s revelation of the “cure” for those vaccinated once NSW reached six million vaccines administered. Starting September 13, fully vaccinated people from the same LGA can meet in groups of five outdoors. For many, the ad was lower than they had hoped for. Others do not know how the police will be able to determine whether people are vaccinated or not. Read more: HSC delayed, students will return to school from October Talks about opening certain industries for vaccines are underway, and one of them is hairdressers. Justine Snelgrove, of Hair and Harlow Fairy Meadow, says it would place an unfair burden on business owners. “Everyone is very keen to go back to work, everyone is very keen to go back to the hairdresser,” she said. “But if we can only accept clients who have been vaccinated, I think it will be very difficult for business owners to control that.” Do we need to ask for proof of people’s medical history before making an appointment? People aren’t going to be happy, and we’re going to be in the crosshairs. ”Ms Snelgrove said she believed more consistency, not less, was key to ending the lockdown. and let everyone out, “she said.” It’s about opening up different things – people are going to try to push the boundaries. “I don’t know what it would be like to have different industries and areas. government open and closed, and that seems like one of the most confusing things they’ve talked about. ”Ms Snelgrove said being allowed to have a small number of guests in the house might be a benefit. big step that more people could hope for. “Being able to have people – meeting five people outside versus five people in your house,” she said. “That would be a great start. I know they’re not going to open everything and that’s it, but I don’t think five people in a park is something we had in mind to look forward to. “Even just being able to accommodate a small number of family and friends would have been better with people.” The Illawarra Mercury news app is now officially live on iOS and Android devices. It is available for download from Apple Store and Google Play.


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