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LAKE WYLIE, SC – Chopper 9 Skyzoom recently flew over the Long Cove Resort and Marina on Lake Wylie. The pool was not yet finished, we could see debris and murky green water.

Kristy Kelly and other clients told Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke similar stories.

They all claim they paid Long Cove $ 275 for a pool membership and thought it would open in April or May.

“All summer, all summer, I would call. They said, “Oh, it’ll be open on that date or in two weeks or in a week – it will be open. “And it all went on and on and finally it’s the end of summer now,” Kelly told Action 9.

The Better Business Bureau gives Long Cove an “F” rating.

“Ignoring your customers these days, with their ability to turn to media, to social media?” It’s not going to help your brand, ”BBB President Tom Bartholomy told Action 9.

Long Cove has other money issues as well. On Friday, Mecklenburg County said the company owed more than $ 42,700 in taxes and that $ 22,000 was already overdue.

Action 9 emailed Long Cove and the owners said, “We at Long Cove are just as upset that our pool isn’t finished as everyone else.”

They went on to say that they took over the property last year and the previous owners left them with headaches and all those tax bills. They told Action 9 that it had been an “uphill battle” and that they had had issues with permits, staff turnover, contractor turnover and poor execution.

They also said they told customers they could use their subscriptions next year and that “there were a few members who … preferred a refund which we gladly accepted.”

But three clients, including Kelly, said it wasn’t true.

One told Action 9 that she was still waiting for her Labor Day money back, while another said she finally tracked down one of the owner’s cell phone numbers and got its money that way.

Kelly said she had been trying for weeks to get a refund. After Action 9 intervened, she said she got her refund on Sunday.

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