Famous hairstylist Latisha Chong dies at 32

The Tisha Chonga hairstylist who has worked with Serena Williams and Telfar Clemens, dead at 32. Metastatic breast cancer was on the list of cause of death.

Chong’s clients included Serena Williams, with whom she collaborated on the September edition of American Vogue’s Star Player, revealing Williams’ plan to take a break from tennis.

Chong has also collaborated with multi-traitor Tracee Ellis Ross on various projects, including Met Gala and Pattern Beauty commercials.

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The beginnings of Latisha Chong

She served in the United States Air Force before becoming a skilled hairstylist, enlisting at age 19. She left the military in 2014, citing the cause for her medical discharge.

In 2017, she graduated from Charleston Southern University with a degree in biology. Her most recent effort was styling Serena Williams for Vogue’s September cover. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago and came to the United States with her family when she was six years old.

Latisha Chong

Latisha’s relative is also a hairdresser; She started working in a salon as a child, sweeping the floor, and eventually worked her way up to become a well-known hairdresser. She discovered that the neighborhood lounge in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood catered primarily to Caribbean shoppers.

However, according to her sister Afesha Chong, many people go to salons on weekends and you have to take care of their hair and their mind. Latisha caught up with that fast.

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How unique was she?

“She had a gift, like the ability to design an entire map in her brain.” Her whole family works in the hairdressing industry. Some people are gifted, while others are competent, but LaTisha would be both. “She just ruled the two of them, and we miss her,” Ian Isiah, singer, artist and friend of the Chong family, told Vogue.

LaTisha Chong Hairdresser Photo

Ms. Chong’s final project was the cover of Serena Williams Vogue, which depicts a star at a crossroads. Latisha Chong, a renowned hairstylist, has died aged 32 following a battle with breast cancer. Chong’s parents, Darlene and Garrick, his sisters Afesha and Tenisha, and his 12-year-old son, Malachi, survive him.

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Tweet by Chen

“Every step I’ve taken has been there,” said Mr. Clemens, who has become one of fashion’s most sought-after designers in current history. “She’s done everyone’s hair, in addition to the models.” She would also do my aunt and my mother when they arrived. She did it because she knew it would make everyone feel better.

Ms. Chong’s final project would be the cover of Serena Williams Vogue, which depicts a star at a crossroads. Ms Karefa-Johnson imagined Ms Williams being baptized while posing on the beach by the ocean. She had chosen her production team carefully, and Ms. Chong was one of them.

Photographer Luis Alberto Rodriguez recorded the scene as Ms Williams glided elegantly along the water’s edge, the flowing train of her sky blue Balenciaga dress tucked into the hands of her daughter, Olympia. Mr. Kinard carried Ms. Chong in a captain’s chair for the duration of filming.

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