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Few have been able to capitalize on branding as successfully as Foxterra Design has. Pool companies these days rely on the internet the same way the generation before them relied on the Yellow Pages. The way we consume information is very different from that of past generations. Today, people are as likely to come across brands on their smartphones as they are browsing channels on their TV at home.

The way consumers interact with the brands they interact with has also definitely changed over the past decade. With platforms like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok quickly superseding traditional forms consumable media, the rise of social influencer has become a real thing. Nowhere is this truer than California, which has one of the most socially engaged populations in the country. In a world where over 167 million TikTok videos are viewed every minute, it’s clear that social media is winning the fight for eyeballs.

Go Viral

In 2022, going viral can equate to getting the same exposure as spending millions of dollars on a Super Bowl Announcement. If you’re hot, followers will share, repost, and do more to spread the word than 100 PR firms working around the clock.

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Foxterra Design certainly seems to understand the intricacies of using social media The right way. With over a million followers on TikTok and over half a million on Instagram, their videos have been viewed hundreds of millions of times. To better understand how they are able to propel their brand, we caught up with owners Justin and Nate to find out their secret sauce.

“We used to do construction and about 50 guys were building what we were designing, but moving to design only freed us up to focus on what we really love to do,” Justin Fox said, “ having a team of about 15 people working on projects across the country is a dream.

Present the possibilities

Focusing specifically on design allowed them to channel more energy into building their team and brand. Justin credits the seeds that were planted when the company was founded as the catalyst for their current success. “Fifteen years of hard work has finally brought us to the place where we can open the floodgates to creativity and help people truly maximize the potential of their space,” Fox said.

The two brothers regularly post captivating videos of their over-the-top luxury pool and outdoor living designs that garner millions of likes and shares. The videos are a mix of content capturing the design aspect, the recommendations and the end result which is often stunning.

“For us, we’re always trying to give our audience something they’ve never seen before,” said Nate Fox, “and it’s just really imaginative and creative ideas for the outdoors.”

“We really want to appeal to people on many levels,” Justin said, “to let people see the potential in their own backyard. Whether they use us as their design service or not, there is so much to unlock in their space and we want to be the conduit that opens people’s eyes to the possibilities. That’s why our slogan is “from residence to resort”.

Planning and creating videos for their social media timeline is a monumental task considering the frequency and quality of content they post. The two brothers pay tribute to their social media team which helps them capture the essence of what they create in the backyard to broadcast to the public.

“Nathaniel and I are always impressed working with these clients and developing these great properties,” Justin said, “but we’re not trying to argue that we’re the best. We’re like ‘wow, how the hell did they come to us and trust us’”.

Truly, both are humbled by the recognition and exposure they receive on social media. The videos they post feature a variety of different backyard concepts in various parts of the country. Showcasing their talent for design has led to even more resort-style luxury outdoor living projects for the company.

“I want people to experience that and the awe and wonder that we have in space and allow them to say to themselves ‘hey, maybe I can do this myself in my own backyard,” Justin Fox said.

What makes Foxterra Design so watchable?

A major aspect of what makes their videos so appealing is the fact that the two brothers have their unique areas of expertise, tone, and style. The flow and chemistry the two share is similar to Property Brothers (a popular show on HGTV), which makes for entertaining and engaging content.

“We’re always looking for what’s new and trendy,” said Nate Fox, “but beyond that is how people use space, how they live. When it comes to trends, we aim for things that are timeless and try not to focus on things that are very current and won’t be relevant or look dated in a few years.

Connecting the public to the lifestyle of owning a luxury backyard is perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of following Foxterra Design. Along with informative content that illustrates the possibilities of redesigning your outdoor living space, it’s just plain fun to watch these backyard transformations happen.

It’s impossible not to notice that it looks like Justin and Nate are really having fun doing what they do. It’s something that resonates with audiences and makes both immensely watchable. If you’re not already following them, you should. Check out Justin and Nate Fox, two brothers with a passion for luxury outdoor living and landscaping on their Instagram and on TikTok.

Listen to our interview with Foxterra Design on the Pool Magazine podcast.

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