Already at the beginning of this guidebook, the benefits of online loans came up . That in this segment with an immediate commitment is recruited, is quite justified. However, borrowers should do a good preparatory work to obtain loans with the least possible time. How quickly the audit and in the case of a grant the payment is made, affect borrowers themselves significantly. On the one hand through the early compilation of all loan documents and the careful completion of the application. In addition, the borrowing of loans from German providers only succeed with credit check.

A few lenders provide financing even without proof of income, but here also threaten significantly higher additional costs.

Legitimization – the last step in getting a payday loan

Financing always involves proof of identity. This is essential in the fight against money laundering because of the applicable law and must be carried out both for online loans and for loans from a branch bank such as Sparkasse or Volksbank. For many years the PostIdent procedure was the standard procedure. Here, borrowers had to visit a branch of Deutsche Post with the completed contract, a coupon provided by the financier and a valid photo ID. The employees there confirm the identity and send the documents completely to the lender. In place of this rather time-consuming process, the VideoIdent process is increasingly used. So you can borrow from home connection and go through the legitimacy in direct contact with a service person in a video conference. In some cases this can be done around the clock. In fact, if you have all the documents you need and have a sufficiently stable stationary or mobile Internet connection and a high-resolution camera, you can actually complete the application on the Internet in just a few minutes.

Payday loan – the better way to take out a loan?

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Before borrowing many variants must be checked.

One thing that borrowers should always remember is that every loan costs money. Interest-free loans from private to private from the family or circle of friends take an exceptional position in this regard . Contracts with all the important information about loan amounts, maturities and loan installments should also be drawn up in the interests of both parties. As attractive as this loan option without interest costs is: If it comes during the amortization to difficulties, this can lead to a load of the relationship. For this reason, many people who take out a loan prefer to rely on the traditional way via a bank instead of borrowing money from acquaintances, relatives or friends. By a precise credit comparison you secure here also long-term low-priced conditions.