Gabrielle Union Wears Mid-Length Braids in the Pool…and Nothing Else — See Photos

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa was surely for a treat like the intrepid Gabrielle Union posed by the pool exclusively for husband Dwyane Wade on June 1, 2022. What better way to welcome the glorious month of June? Beautifully, the photo highlights the waist-length union braids falling over his chest.

The actor and co-founder of Flawless By Gabrielle Union has a sense of hairstyles, and this post is just more proof of that. She brings creativity, functionality, and a consistent sense of ease to every hairstyle she presents. But this time, in particular, she took it to the next level. Bare-skinned Union poses with her back to the camera with her melancholic glow, her arms stretched above her head and her hands intertwined over her braids. I am, as I’m sure you all will be, drooling over the whole vibe of this photo. Ah, being Dwyane Wade… And as I took a closer look at Union’s soft, neutral manicure, I noticed that some of her luscious locks swirled into what became a half-up, half-down pony.

I couldn’t help but dive deep into the comments, where the queen of legends wrote in response to one, “you already know what we give this summmmmmeeerrrrr.” Me, 10 years old, an East Compton Clover stan, am proud to say that this Bring it on alum definitely knows the vibes.

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