Gabrielle Union with ZERO Clothes hits the pool

Gabrielle Union lets it all hang out in her latest social media photo!

The actress, 49, took to Instagram to share a racy update in which she went completely naked while enjoying some pool time. The person behind the lens? It was her husband, Dwyane Wade, 40, who took the smoldering photo.

Showing Her Body-Ody-Ody

Instagram | Gabrielle Union

In the sexy part, the “LA’s Finest” star was seen sitting waist-deep in chlorinated water between the curved handrail wearing no clothes at all. Union’s bare back was on full display in the photo as she turned her head to the side. She grabbed her locks with both hands while seemingly smiling as the former NBA star snapped the shot.

Union had her long black hair slicked behind her head in braids with the ends falling down her back. She also ditched her accessories, leaving her birthday suit to do the talking.

Attract your audience online

Gabrielle Union posing for the camera.
Instagram | Gabrielle Union

According to the geolocation, the couple were at the Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa, a five-star luxury hotel consisting of suites and villas in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

“Back to our regular programming. 🖤😘📸 by @dwyanewade,” Union wrote in the caption.

Fans are impressed

Union’s latest social media share garnered over 130,000 likes and over a thousand comments within hours of going live on the platform. Many of her avid admirers dropped gushing messages and compliments on her fit figure. Countless others were left speechless by the bold display, opting instead to use emojis to express their thoughts on the snapshot.

“Yes! You are everything,” said one fan.

“Thank you for being a great model @gabunion and thank you @dwaynewade for the great camera work,” another commenter noted.

“Absolutely stunning picture,” said the third user.

Meanwhile, the fourth called Union “God’s masterpiece”.

Showing off her body in a bikini

Gabrielle Union posing for the camera.
Instagram | Gabrielle Union

Earlier this month, Union shared another sultry snap where she wore a tiny yellow bikini. She showed her 20.3 million followers multiple angles of her toned physique as she sat on the floor. Her fans were amazed at how young she looked. In fact, one of her followers told her that she was “aging backwards.”

“Your beauty is unreal and unfair,” another noted.

“Sis where is the fountain?!?!” another commenter remarked.

“Wow! You sure don’t look your age! Naturally gorgeous!” the fifth comment read.

Gabrielle Union spilling tea on looking young

Gabrielle Union posing for the camera.
Instagram | Gabrielle Union

What’s Union’s secret to maintaining her youthful appearance? It’s having boundaries and prioritizing self-care.

“I get asked all the time how I look so young. I don’t like needles. I’m not going to rule out Botox, but the idea of ​​sticking a needle in my face… I don’t I’m not there yet,” she said. women’s health in 2017.

The ‘Bring It On’ star continued, “I have pretty oily skin, drink lots of water, don’t smoke and don’t have it rough,” adding, “I dye my hair and people say, ‘You look young,’ but my gray hair says, ‘She’s old as f—k!’”

Union also shared her “best anti-aging tip,” saying, “The ability to say no, no and hell, no. We strive to say yes to everything, whether it’s our family, our spouses or our careers. I sleep eight hours a day and I don’t let myself get stressed. A lot of people say it’s selfish, but I don’t have wrinkles.

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