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What was the inspiration behind the look of the hair and the overall hair design / approach?

The film is set in 1977 in London. The Punk scene was big, Vivienne Westwood had opened her first store on The Kings Road and fashion was changing. I wanted the character of Emma Stone to be influenced by this scene. A sort of creative chaos in the eyes. I also had to create over 10 different styles for Emma and sometimes needed to hint at the shape or style of the original Cruella as she has a lot of fans.

Tell us about the process you went through to develop the appearance of the main characters?

Each character needed a strong figure, something synonymous with them. Emma Stone’s character is quite punk and influenced by this fashion, as Baroness — Emma Thompson — perfected her look in the 50s / 60s, which meant we had a whole range of styles to draw from. Naomi Donne, a personal [makeup artist] to Emma Thompson created exactly what I wanted for the baroness and developed all these different styles around a theme. Lots of hair pulled back, not a hair up, sculpted styles while Cruella has a wild look. You have to think about the character, who would they refer to for their look, who would inspire them?

How important was it for the actors to be in tune with your vision in order to achieve the different looks? What did Emma Stone think / say when she first saw your vision?

It is absolutely vital that they love, and more importantly, that they feel good about your designs. They are the ones who have to feel the character as a whole and believe in the look. Emma is fantastic to collaborate with, she has strong ideas but is also very open to all my ideas and ready to try, so the crazier the look got the more she was up for it. Our director Craig Gillespie also had such creative freedom, which meant I could really try to push the boundaries.

Which look did you prefer to create?

There are so many of them, and they are all so varied that it’s hard to pick a favorite. There is one that is based on 18e century Marie-Antoinette style – sounds crazy to Cruella but it’s the kind of creative freedom I had. The black and white sides are styled towards the classic shape, but then they disappear to the side and the shape changes; everything i did i wanted to put a twist on it. I also like the bob shape with the bangs. It sounds very punk to me.

How do you make sure that the actors’ natural hair is taken care of under the wigs?

We have to prep the hair underneath with a product that will flatten and straighten the hair to make it as flat as possible, so I like to use conditioner or masks as I think the hair benefits all day under the wig.

How did you ensure that the wigs / hairpieces used for a natural look stay natural? Tips for styling wigs?

All wigs are real hair, so you should treat them as such. If I put on rollers or used irons or any styling accessory, I would always use a heat protectant spray like the HASK Keratin Protein 5 in 1 Leave-in Spray. It helps protect and keeps hair conditioned and smooth for styling.

How do you maintain the wigs on the set?

Depending on the style, some have been sprayed heavily with hairspray to set them in place, but in general I like to keep the hair free to move, which I feel if you try to make it look like real hair. It’s important that it moves like real hair, that makes it look more believable, so in this case I like a light spray that will smooth and control without being too heavy.

How did you keep your hair color looking shiny and healthy?

I think preparation before styling is the key. It’s keeping hair in good condition before even thinking about styling that will make it look healthy and shiny. So it all depends on the shampoos, conditioners and masks you use.

Did you have to dye the actors’ hair during filming and if so, which HASK products did you use during the process and why? Were HASK products perfect for prepping hair before dyeing it? Do they help keep dyed hair looking shiny?

We haven’t dyed anyone’s natural hair, but we have dyed wigs and hairpieces and because hair is treated this way before, it can dry very quickly, exactly the same as over-processed hair. For me, lifeguards are the HASK hair oils because they are so absorbent that they do not weigh heavily in the hair. Plus, the macadamia one smells amazing!

What were the biggest hairstyling challenges / issues on the set of this movie, and how did you overcome them?

We had 3 black and white wigs for the entire Cruella shoot and over ten different designs and due to the fast paced shoot schedule I had to style these three wigs over and over again so they were in and out of the rolls , hair pieces added to them, they’ve really been there! There are also a lot of stunts and action sequences, so we needed products that would hold the styles. I also had almost 100 different actors with multiple looks, so taking care of Emma Stone full time and designing all of those looks was a challenge!

What HASK products would you recommend for keeping hair healthy that has had either a lot of products (like hairspray) or heated tools?

I like Tea plant Shampoo and conditioner to remove impurities, but also to keep the hair soft and conditioned, but again weightless and without product. I also like the Tea plant 5 in 1 vaporizer to protect from heat when styling is restarted.

What was the most memorable moment to be on the set of the movie Cruel?

There is so much to choose from and the movie has so many iconic moments, but I think nothing beats seeing Emma as Cruella for the first time. All those weeks of preparation and seeing her hair and makeup was amazing.

How can people at home recreate Cruella’s iconic curls using HASK products? How did you fight the humidity? What were your favorite products for frizz control and why?

If they have curly hair, the new Curl range is fantastic, all the benefits of HASK products specifically targeted for curls. They should add a curl enhancing mousse to wet hair and blow dry with a diffuser to really encourage the curls. Tilt your head upside down when drying to create lots of volume; when you tilt your head back the hair will be wild, but that’s what Cruella would want!

Then use HASK curl definition cream just to define and remove some of the frizz. Its moisture resistant formula will keep your curls beautiful. If you have straight hair I would use heat protection spray like 5 in 1 spray keratin protection protect before using curling iron, rollers or tongs. Create the curls and use the curl defining cream as above.

What were your three must-have products when styling on set?

I like HASK coconut masks and would give the wigs as much treatment as possible to revive the hair and restore the state lost in over-styling. I also used it on Emma Stone under the wig to condition her hair during the day. Rose Oil & Peach Color Protective Shampoo & Conditioner was great because black and white hair needed to be really defined and strong so I needed to kick up the color.

Also, the white side of the hair could start to turn yellow with over treatment and I felt these shampoos really worked to protect that. All 5 in 1 as it allowed me to maintain frizz without adding heavy product all day to styles. Sometimes our filming days could last 12 hours and too much product would ruin the style. These sprays (all 5 in 1 actually) are great for plateau checks.

Which HASK products were essential in creating the looks and why?

5 in 1 Keratin Spray for heat protection because of all the styling. They are the best. Hair masks to protect the hair of the actors under the wigs and for a treat once a week or to send it home. The coconut nourishing ones are excellent. Rose oil and peach color protect because black and white hair IS Cruella!

What HASK products were used to keep actors’ hair hydrated and healthy during filming? And what advice were given to actors and actresses between shoots?

As above, the masks. I love them all, but I recommend it Argan oil masks a lot because they are so fixing the weekend before a shoot.

What HASK products did you use on Emma Stone and why? What were the benefits and why were you using them? Did Emma have a favorite HASK product that she liked?

All of the above has been used on Emma for all of her different Cruella looks. She had so many different looks and processes that as always my goal is to protect her hair so I always used the HASK masks on her under the wigs. Tea Tree 5 in 1 Spray is something I use a lot on her because it’s so light and free of all the nasty stuff which is great when I need to spray some stuff on her on the set so I’m sure to spray some natural products around it.

How did you use HASK dry shampoos while filming and why?

We had to create a lot of punk styles on the extras and supporting actors, which means a lot of body in the hair, so you need something to remove any grease or too much moisture to be able to create the styles. It was good to have some of the Dry charcoal shampoo at the root to get rid of all the excess oil and give a good base to start creating! It also worked well in some of the more punk styles of Cruella wigs.

What other players have HASK products been used on?

HASK products were used throughout the film. The crowd team where they had over 6,000 supporting actors had the products and used them regularly. We also had to create a spray red style for Paul Walter Hauser and use dry charcoal shampoo for texture. I also liked using the 5 in 1 sprays for Kirby Howell Baptiste’s afro wig.

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