Gisele Bündchen twins with her daughter doing yoga by the pool

Model Gisele Bundchen likes to share photos of her children on Instagram.

The Brazilian model, 41, shares two children with her NFL star husband Tom Bradywhom she married in 2009. Her daughter Vivian Lake, 9, was born in 2012. Her older brother Benjamin Rein, 12, was born three years earlier in 2009.

In a recent instagram post, Gisele posted a series of snaps of her and her daughter doing yoga and how it has progressed over time!

Gisele Bündchen shares adorable photos doing yoga with her daughter over time

Instagram / gisele

In the caption, Gisèle wrote: “Time flies!!! 2022 > 2020 > 2013 💕 O tempo voa!!!”

The first photo, taken in 2022, shows Gisèle absolutely twin alongside her daughter Vivian. Both stretch into pigeon pose with one leg bent in front of them and the other leg extended behind them. They have their chest turned towards the sun, their arms raised above their heads.

The resemblance between mother and daughter is quite clear, as they both have their long hair tied in a braid behind their backs. Gisele wears a matching green and white bra and leggings set, while Vivian wears a white tie front crop top and pink leggings.

Both extend to the edge of the pool and the ocean is visible in the distance.

Gisèle and her daughter do yoga
Instagram / gisele

The next photo was taken two years earlier, in 2020. The two are still doing yoga on a gray mat this time. The pool is much smaller next to them and they sit on a hill overlooking a forest. The mother and daughter have their hands raised in the sun, but both have swapped their braids for tight buns in this photo.

Gisèle wears a gray tank top with matching gray leggings in different shades. Vivian wears a white t-shirt and colorful rainbow leggings decorated with the word “unicorns” and images of white unicorns printed all over.

Gisèle and her daughter do yoga
Instagram / gisele

The last photo she shared was in 2013, when Vivian was just a week old. They look like they are inside a living room on a sand-colored carpet with a brown chair and a coffee table in the background. Gisele has her hair in a messy bun and wears navy blue leggings with a purple long sleeve shirt.

Vivian doesn’t have enough hair to do a bun. She wears a long-sleeved white shirt, black pants and colorful sandals on her feet as she sits on her knees, raising her hand to the sun – or maybe even her mother! – with both hands.

Fans covered the adorable post in red heart emojis. Being a mum clearly means a lot to Gisele, and she posted a heartwarming caption alongside photos of her kids in May as she celebrated Mother’s Day.

Gisele celebrates Mother’s Day with touching photos of her children

Gisele with her children
Instagram / gisele

Last May, Gisele Bündchen took instagram to share touching photos of her and her children for Mother’s Day.

In one shot, the family is at the beach at sunset or sunrise, with the waves lapping on the nearby shore. Gisele has her long hair trailing down her back as she stands in a white bikini with her arms wrapped around her children. Her son, Benjamin, wears a colorful swimsuit. Vivian stands before him in a pink floral bikini with her hair also loose around her shoulders. The photo really shows the height difference between Gisèle and her children as she stands with her chin resting on her son’s head.

Gisele with her children
Instagram / gisele

In another photo, Gisele runs along the wet sand of the beach, chasing after Vivian, Benjamin and 14-year-old John Edward Thomas Moynahan. John is the son of Tom Brady and “Blue Bloods” actress Bridget Moynahan. All of the children are in descending order of size as Gisele chases them through the waves.

Gisele wears an orange tank top and denim shorts, her long hair whipping behind her as she literally floats in the arm as she runs. Both boys are dressed in shorts, while Vivian wears a blue and white dress.

Gisele with her mother
Instagram / gisele

Finally, Gisèle posted a photo of herself with her own mother, their foreheads touching with a blanket wrapped around them.

“A mother’s love,” she captioned. “An indescribable feeling that challenges us and encourages us to be better for our children and for our children. I feel blessed to continue to receive the gift of being a mother to special beings who teach me so much every day.

“Congratulations to all the mothers in the world!” she continued. “Sending all my love and reverence to you, especially to my own mother, my wonder, a warrior who raised her six daughters with so much love and care. I love you mom!”

“I love you and your family so much,” one fan commented. “What good people!”

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