Hair salon in Chinatown with love and eco-friendly hair products

Love Hair is a two-year-old hair salon in Chinatown. The airy, two-story boutique on Jiak Chuan Road sits among trendy restaurants and bars, but this oasis is all about peace and quiet — and there’s a focus on healthy, eco-friendly hair products!

Toni Ovenden, owner and head stylist, hails from London. Its choice of green in the decor, from the seating to the Gaugainesque wallpaper and plants, reflects the salon’s focus on curating products that are healthier for customers as well as chemical-friendly hair products.

Her love language is simple: “We are dedicated to the health of your hair throughout our processes. Our philosophy is reflected in our concern for customers as well as the Earth. »

The roots of love hair salon

Toni’s journey back to nature began in her living room in Hong Kong in 2014 when she fell ill with a toxic level of metals in her system. A naturopath advised a complete lifestyle change, from the type of water she drank to the food she ate. This affected her job as she handled chemicals daily with hair dyes and straightening agents.

With his team, they began to experiment with natural products that met the high expectations of their customers. “I now strive to find the best products without any nasty ingredients, not only for my own health journey, but for the benefit of our customers and the team,” she says.

To this end, the salon only buys products that correspond to its philosophy. The Kevin Murphy Color.Me line, for example, offers performance, strength and longevity, with ingredients sourced from companies that use environmentally sound micro-cultivation, organic growing practices and wild harvesting techniques. Love Hair is also using a new chemical-free smoothing treatment called “bhave” Smooth Keratin Therapy.

Styling and coloring

The salon offers a wide range of the latest styling and coloring methods, taking into account your maintenance goals and your style. The “silver piece” is the Halo Balayage, where the hair is colored to mimic the sunlight framing the face. Balayage uses a combination of techniques to balance the light and dark colors in the hair to complement the shape of the face. Effects can be as dramatic or subtle as desired, allowing for more creative color play.

Other color services include highlights and babylights, and “all-over” or root touch-ups using Kevin Murphy’s ammonia-free honey-based permanent color that not only covers gray hair, but adds a brilliant color and shine. A softer touch-up can be achieved with Global Gloss semi-permanent hair color which fades gray hair but fades over time with no visible signs of regrowth. For a head-turning look, check out Blonde Angels, an all-over bleach that colors 100% of hair a clean, light blonde.
Toni says, “We really care about everyone’s individual needs when it comes to elevating hair to a wow factor. The tricky part is balancing out using fewer chemicals and getting results that optimize the health of your hair. We focus on this balance.

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Toni’s Top Hair Tips

* Like us, our hair ages, and it needs specific products for its maintenance. Talk to our team.
* Thinning is a common problem, especially around the front hairline, and then there are those pesky grays! Don’t pluck your gray hair, because it grows back
short and tacky, making it harder to blend in with the rest of your hair.
* Hormones, medications, diet and stress can affect hair, no matter what your age. Invest in the right products for your hair and scalp.
* Consult a stylist about haircuts that will complement your face shape; a dated haircut can really add 10 years.
* Consult a stylist for the right tones and shades for your skin tone, as the wrong tones can make your skin more yellowish and accentuate dark circles under your complexion.
the eyes.

Now that you know, take a lunch break “for me” and relax at Love Hair salon in Chinatown.

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