Hairdresser and Store Owner Creates Opportunity to Receive Free Wigs in Tennessee

Markeisha Wardell is the owner of the Rose Beauty Bar and the Markeisha Rose Extensions. Wardell shared his desire to make people feel beautiful through styled natural hair, wigs and hairpieces.

“I like to take people out of their basic everyday self and then show them who they can be.” she said.

Wardell recognizes that not everyone who walks into her store feels comfortable in a shared space, so she has created a special room for those who have experienced hair loss to feel comfortable.

Wardell also recognized the financial disparities that are present. “Not everyone who came around could necessarily afford a quality wig because we make very high end quality wigs from 400 years and up, you know? ” she said.

“So it really hurt my heart not to be able to afford everyone a wig … your hair is your crown.”

This led Wardell to start a nonprofit called Select Your Crown, which would help provide free wigs to people who have experienced hair loss due to conditions such as alopecia or treatments such as chemotherapy.

Markeisha Wardell invites people to support Select Your Crown through the association’s website,

In an effort to combat this inaccessibility, Wardell announced the “Select Your Crown” event for October 24 – an event that will feature custom wigs, or what the store owner calls “crowns,” for 100 women and men. children who have lost their hair. .

“It’s for this woman who is trying to find herself and who is trying to regain her self-confidence …” she said.

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