Hairdresser reveals how long it will take our colored locks to recover from lockdown

Most of us were desperate for that first Hair rendezvous after containment – whether we desperately need our colorful roots or split ends cut.

However, with so much time between dates, one colourist warned that we shouldn’t expect our locks to revert to pre-lockout state after just one color.

Katie Hale, Head of Color at Charles Worthington Salons, says it might take a few appointments for our hair color to take hold, as she revealed how we can deal with colored hair between appointments – to help bring back that shine.

Katie warns that the condition of our colored hair will not be the same when we return to salons: “Our roots will be more noticeable and our hair will most likely be limp and flat, as hair coloring can plump your follicles.”

So, don’t expect your hair color to return too quickly to the state before confinement: “Make a few appointments so that your hair returns to its previous state, if you have strands, imagine your first one.” series of wicks.

“With tinted hair you will need a longer appointment for the color application as the hair sections need to be treated differently, like a virgin application.”

While Katie also recommends setting aside extra time for your appointments: “If you have a half head highlighted or a sweep book for a full head, leaves and sweep. As you may need more color applied than usual.

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The hairdresser also advises to take care of your hair between colors, because “the healthier the hair, the longer the color will remain rich and vibrant”.

As she goes on to add, “Using a premium range like Kerastase Chroma Reflective will trap color molecules, with its UV filters that reduce fading. A rich treatment mask will also help give hair that color. extra extra moisture and oil to nourish the hair fiber. “

While if you’re looking for a color that’s easier to maintain, Katie reveals, “Balayage is easier to maintain and the growth isn’t as obvious as the color is there to compliment the roots. If you’re a solid blonde who has from the back. to-back foils, your roots will appear much sooner and may be more difficult to conceal. “

But if balayage isn’t for you, there is an alternative: “Baby lights with a root shadow may as well turn off as the highlights are fine and scattered and the toner is softer and even more complementary on. your natural color. “

If you weigh the Dyson Corrale against the GHD Platinum or are planning to invest in the SteamPod 3.0 from L’Oréal Professionnel, you will also want to protect your hair and its color with good heat protection and styling sprays.

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