Hairdressing salon for everyone opens in Brentwood

BRENTWOOD, Tennessee (WTVF) – A hairdresser is doing her part to make her community more inclusive.

Elizabeth Cervantes, 28, recently opened Capacity reductions at Brentwood, a salon that focuses on customers with special needs. Cervantes said she was inspired by her brother, Levi, 24, who has sensory needs. She has always felt protective of him since the day he was born four months premature, weighing just 2 pounds.

“It’s always been a miracle,” Cervantes said. “He seriously shaped everything from me as a person to my mission in life.”

Growing up, a memory that always stuck with Cervantes was when Levi went to the salon for a haircut.

“Levi is looking very sensorially like he wants to touch the hair dryer,” Cervantes said. “It would make me angry because no one would take the time to allow him to do what he wants to do and I would feel uncomfortable, like they wanted us to go out.”

Cervantes explained that it was important for her to find a way to use her passion to make others feel accepted.

From the privacy of her living room to a drawer full of toys and a TV showing her clients’ favorite shows, Cervantes says her greatest thing is making sure everyone of all skill levels feel special.

Before Cervantes decided to get into hairdressing professionally, she wanted to be a specialist educator.

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