Hairstylist Priscilla Corner emphasizes the importance of hair looks in the fashion world, Know her expertise

In recent years, fashion has transformed with every step, and the main reason is its interest in the lifestyle. Now in fashion, along with outfit, beauty, hairstyle is just as important, which enhances your beauty to endless vision. Many top hairdressers in India can be found on social media, sharing snippets of their work and working with the stars. In India, there is no better hairstylist, beauty mentor or hair artist than Priscilla Corner, a versatile hairstylist based in Kolkata.

In many cases, we are unable to find a hairdresser for our hair care whose expertise can take care of our hair in depth, transforming our hair from ordinary to remarkable. However, if you are a resident of Kolkata and are looking for a versatile hairstylist then June Tomkyns would be the best option. Priscilla Corner is the Creative Director of the renowned and successful Kolkata company “June Tomkyns” which has maintained its name in the hair industry for decades. Their client list today includes movie stars, politicians, influencers and artists in the industry, all of whom have benefited from his top notch services.

June Tomkyns Salon has won the title of Best Hairdressing Salon in Kolkata on several occasions due to its efforts and overwhelming interest in hair fashion.

Today, whatever the type of event, whether it is a wedding, a party, a business meeting or a meeting, the new hairstyles are all in fashion. . Social media is full of videos of celebrities sporting new hair looks, but designing this type of hair is a challenge. Hairdressing is one of Priscilla’s specialties, and her reputation in Calcutta is as legendary as the Howrah Bridge. Recognizing her talent, Priscilla Corner has become a big name in the hair industry in Kolkata, and that is enough to define her.

Her talent and effort has propelled her to the role of Creative Director today, not only winning the hearts of her clients, but also making her mark on social media. Today, girls, housewives and the women who are inspired by them receive advice and information from them, through which millions of women can find an opportunity for themselves. Aware of her responsibilities, Priscilla Corner has done a lot of good things for the company; and for this reason, articles on his “Hair Looks” or “Achievement” often continue to appear in Indian newspapers and magazines.

Hairdressing is an art in itself and reaching this position is not an easy task either when you know that the competition is stiff in the market. Yet, overcoming all obstacles, she found the title of Creative Director and is also improving to reach this level. She believes improvement, effort and confidence always make them successful if you are honest with them! The people of Calcutta gave her a lot of love and appreciated her work every step of the way, thanks to which Priscilla Corner is considered today as the best luxury hairdresser in Calcutta. You can also follow her on Instagram @priscilla_corner.

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