Hampton Community Pool Serves Discounts on National Hot Dog Day

From the title of a Led Zeppelin song to an article listed with baseball and apple pie in a catchy car ad jingle, the humble hot dog has a prominent place in popular culture.

Oh, and a lot of people like to eat them.

This was evident at Hampton Township’s recent National Hot Dog Day celebration, with the delicious tube treats offered to hungry patrons of the community pool for a discount.

Given the patriotic connotation that has grown around not-quite-salty sandwiches, it’s no surprise that every July — before, during, and after Independence Day — is National Hot Pot Month. -dog.

But the standard sausage-type meat on a bun isn’t as quintessentially American as it sounds.

According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Frankfurt, Germany – as in “frankfurter”, of course – claims to be the origin of the hot dog and actually celebrated its 500th anniversary in 1987. And just in case where you would wonder about the word “wiener”, the name of the capital of Austria, Vienna, in German is Wien.

Either way, Americans continue to enjoy hot dogs, whether all-meat or all-vegetarian, all year round, as well as apple pie.

When it comes to baseball… well, the less talked about it around Pittsburgh, the better.

For fun facts about frankfurter, visit www.hotdog.org and www.thehotdog.org.

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