How Emily Faith Strauss Got Her Jewelry From Her Local Barber Shop On The Red Carpet


Emily Faith Strauss saw a space in the fine jewelry market for “affordable, thoughtfully designed pieces” and filled it with her sparkling hug. earings and stackable pendant necklaces. Her pieces are worn by celebrities and non-celebrities, and add the perfect amount of shimmer and shine to any look. In this episode of In The Know Style: Changemakers, the jewelry designer talks about her company, EF Collection (@efcollection), its design process and Angels 4 Austin initiative, which pays tribute to his deceased son.

Strauss launched EF Collection in 2010 after seeing “a void in the delicate 14k jewelry market”. But his pieces didn’t go straight to the red carpet. “I was in fact offered the possibility of selling some of my pieces in my local hairdresser, remembers Strauss. “It actually turned out in three years.”

Strauss admits that making his mark on the jewelry The industry isn’t always easy, and shares that the presentation to jewelry PR specialist Margo Siegel was a game-changer for the EF collection.

“She’s kind of the link between the designer and the celebrity and the stylist,” Strauss says of Siegel. And it was while working with Siegel that Strauss got his first major celebrity endorsement. “I remember I was in Rome and I looked at my telephone and Jessica alba was wearing my zigzag diamond rings and I was screaming, ”Strauss said of the big moment.

Of course, EF Collection isn’t just worn by celebrities. From the start, Strauss set a goal of “making jewelry that people can wear everyday and layer without thinking about it, and wear it from workout to lunch to business meeting. , at a dinner, at a wedding“Siegel shares of Strauss’s pieces.

One thing that sets EF Collection apart from other jewelry companies is the way Strauss shares his personal life through social media. “Through social media, through Instagram, I was able to give the brand a more lifestyle perspective, ”explains Strauss.

However, Strauss admits, social media can be a “double-edged sword” in difficult times “because you want to share… but how do you share?

Strauss faced this conundrum when his son, Austin, died after being diagnosed in utero with polycystic kidney disease. “After my son died, jewelry took on a new meaning for me,” Strauss shares. “I was really challenged in a way I never anticipated, but being able to open and share this dialogue and have incredible support from my EF collection, I didn’t never knew how they could in turn comfort me and be there for me and support me.

Strauss and her husband created a foundation, Angels 4 Austin, which “provides a little comfort and supportive resources for the families of premature or sick infants, and for those who have been affected by the loss of an infant.” Angel 4 Austin’s first initiative was with baby clothing and accessories company, Angel Dear, who created adorable “sweethearts” who “are those sweet little blankets [or plushies] that parents can cuddle. And when they can’t be with their children at the NICU, they hand them over to their baby and they are comforted by their scent, ”says Strauss.

While her jewelry journey hasn’t always been easy, Strauss still loves what she does. “I hope that in 10, 15, 20 years, I will still do what I love, which is to create jewelry, create smiles, create special gifts, special moments”, confides the designer jewelry. “It won’t always be a joyous ride. It won’t always be perfect. It won’t always be easy. Like my father always said, “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” Enjoy the ride, enjoy the journey, and appreciate the process.

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