How to end things with your hairdresser and find someone new

Approach leaving your hairdresser the same way you would approach a breakup with a romantic partner. The context may be very different, but the same general principles apply: be kind, clear and honest. The angel recommends always keeping a polite and positive tone in case you want to come back in the future. If you feel comfortable enough, gently tell them that you like their work, but would like to go in a different direction with your hair. And if all else fails, a white lie — like telling them you’re looking for a salon closer to home — can make things easier. Always keep the explanation short and simple.

If you don’t feel comfortable ending things in person or over the phone, you can email your stylist (via Hair Romance). You don’t need to go into too much detail, but telling them why you’re moving on can help them improve. Of course, you can also just stop making dates, but that can make things awkward, especially if you’ve been seeing them for a while. Whatever you do, Bangstyle advises not to direct the stylist. In other words, don’t tell them you’ve been sick but that you’ll make an appointment soon if you don’t plan on coming back.

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