How to Find Alternatives to Chlorine to Keep Your Pool Clean

“There is not enough supply to meet all the chlorine demand that exists,” Bob Jones US sales, Chicago says in a report by msn.

Once store shelves are empty, people may not be able to find chlorine. If they do, they will pay more.

What will happen in August, when the backyard pool is the only way to escape the sweltering heat?

The truth is, people have always wanted to use less chlorine in their pools and spas.

A June 2015 A survey conducted by Metrix Lab found that “8 out of 10 pool owners report some anxiety over chlorine use” and “7 out of 10 pool owners report a strong interest in reducing chlorine use”.

When the water is balanced, chlorine is effective in killing bacteria, but it is not easy to manage. Most people use too much, which makes the water harsh on skin, hair, bathing suits and surfaces.

Finding alternatives may turn out to be exactly what people have always wanted, but it’s not easy. There are thousands of products on the market ranging from expensive systems that need to be professionally installed (then repaired and replaced) to treatments with amazing claims. Finding effective alternatives for keeping pool water clean is difficult. And people don’t want to become chemists to figure it out.

The Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, is a reliable source. They exist to protect people and ensure that product claims are true. Registering a product with the EPA is rigorous and demanding; the requirements are strict and can take years. Very few pool sanitizers are registered with the EPA.

FROG® products are registered with the EPA. This means that the statements are true; they have been tested and verified.

FROG products use a patented mineral formula and 50% less* chlorine to effectively sanitize pools. The products are pre-filled, so consumers don’t have to touch it, measure it, or buy chlorine separately.

Minerals reduce the pressure on chlorine as they fight bacteria.

FROG is the only EPA-registered brand of mineral and low-chlorine complete sanitizers.

*Compared to the EPA recommended minimum chlorine level of 1.0 ppm for a stabilized pool.

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