Is your swimming pool open this summer? Check with our guide

CHICAGO — The Park District is expected to open 37 pools this summer — but more than half of the city’s public pools will not be open for the season, officials said Tuesday.

The neighborhood faces a shortage of lifeguards that has made it difficult to hire enough staff for all of Chicago’s beaches and pools. It was unclear for months if any of the city’s public pools would open, but the Park District announced some would open on July 5.

Wondering if your neighborhood pool is open? We have mapped and listed all 77 pools and their status. We will update it if other pools open or close.

Here is the list :

Abbott Pool: Closed

Ada Pool: Closed

Lycée Agricole swimming pool: Closed

Altgeld Park Pool: Closed

Amundsen High School Pool: Closed

Armor Square Pool: Closed

Austin City Hall Park Pool: Open

Avalon Pool: Open

Avondale Pool: Open

Bessemer swimming pool: Closed

Blackhawk Pool: Open

Bogan High School Pool: Closed

California Pool: Open

Carver Park Pool: Open

Chase Pool: open

Clark Park Pool (John): Closed

Columbus Park Pool: Closed

Cornell Square Park Pool: Closed

Lycée Curie swimming pool: Closed

Davis Square Park Pool: Open

Don Nash Community Center Pool: Open

Douglass Pool: open

Dvorak Park Pool: Closed

Dyett High School Pool: Closed

Ekchart Park Pool: Open

Ellis Park Pool: Open

Fernwood Park Pool: Open

Fosco park swimming pool: open

Foster pool: open

Franklin Park Pool: Closed

Fuller Park Pool: Closed

Gauge Pool: Closed

Garfield Park Pool: Closed

Bassin Gill: Closed

Gompers Park Pool: Open

Grand Crossing Pool: Closed

Hale Pool: Open

Hamilton Pool: Open

Hamlin Pool: Closed

Harris Park Pool: Closed

Harrison Park Pool: Closed

Hayes Pool: Open

Lycée Hirsch swimming pool: Closed

Holstein pool: open

Homan Square Park Pool: Open

Humboldt Park Pool: Open

Independence Pool: Closed

Credit: Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago
People swim laps at Welles Park indoor swimming pool in June 2022.

Jefferson Memorial Pool: Closed

Kelly High School Pool: Closed

Kennedy Park Pool: Open

Kosciuszko Park swimming pool: closed

Parc La Follette swimming pool: Open

Lindblom Pool: Open

Mann Park Pool: Open

Mather High School Pool: Closed

McGuane Park Pool: Open

McKinley Park Pool: Open

Mt. Greenwood Pool: Closed

National Teachers Academy Pool: Closed

Norwood Pool: Open

Oakdale Pool: Closed

Ogden Pool: Open

Palmer Pool: Closed

Ping Tom Memorial Park Pool: Closed

Piotrowski Park swimming pool: open

Portage Pool, Indoor: Closed

Portage pool, outdoor: Open

Pulaski Park Pool: Open

Ridge Pool: Closed

Riis swimming pool: Closed

River Pool: Open

Rosenblum Pool (South Shore High School): Closed

Russell Square Pool: Closed

Senka Pool (Solorio High School): Closed

Shabbona pool: open

Sheridan Park Pool: Closed

Sherman Pool: Closed

Sherwood Pool (Englewood Technical Prep Academy): Closed

Smith Park Pool: Closed

Stanton Park Pool: Closed

Sullivan High School Pool: Closed

Taylor Park Pool: Open

Trumbull pool: open

Tuley Pool: Closed

Union Park Pool: Closed

Uplift High School Pool: Closed

Washington Pool: Closed

Welles Pool: Closed

Wentworth (Kennedy High School Pool): Closed

Wentworth Gardens Park Pool: Closed

West Pullman Park Pool: Closed

Whitney Young High School Pool: Closed

Wrightwood Pool: Closed

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