Jessica Alba Hairstylist Uses This Under $ 30 Volumizing Spray To Make Her Roots Look Fuller And Thicker

It seems there’s nothing Jessica Alba can’t do: She’s a CEO of a billionaire company, an award-winning actress, and most importantly, a brilliant mom. We strive to live everyday life as much as possible like her, but let’s face it, being successful and looking so flawless all the time is almost impossible. But even celebrities need a boost every now and then, which is why we were so excited to discover a volumizing hair product that the stylist Alba says takes her roots from 0. to 60 almost instantly.

To enhance locks and make them appear fuller, thicker, and fuller, celebrity hairstylist Brittney Ryan uses a simple product. This is a root spray from UNITE, a hair care brand that specializes in very specific products, like texturizers, styling creams and more. Designed to instantly add volume to hair, Expanda spray restores bounce and life to dull strands. Ryan says this under $ 30 hair staple is her “go-to product” when styling Alba’s hair into a “big voluminous look”.

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“For the root lift I’m going to put it right at the roots, but for the full volume I’m going to spray all over the hair,” Ryan explained via email. “After styling, to give it that extra volume, I gently pat Expanda Dust on the roots, massage it gently, and it instantly gives it that ‘teased’ feel without all of the tangles.”

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Courtesy of Unite.

Courtesy of Unite.

“UNITE is my go-to line that I love to use on Jessica because not only does she have a product for every look we want to create, but she’s super light and never makes her hair look heavy or like there’s a lot. of products in it, “said the expert.” Plus, being a vegan, I love using a range which I know is completely cruelty-free and also free of parabens and sulfates. “

Hair Expanda Energizing Volume for the Roots $ 28.50

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To use the volumizer, all you need to do is spray the product along your wet roots. Once your strands have absorbed all the good, they will be lifted and animated. Hundreds of buyers attribute the product to lifting hair rather than weighing it down.

“This given my Hair the extra volume I’m looking for and helping my Hair as beautiful as when I do it at the salon, ”wrote a five-star reviewer. Another added: “I have very much thin Hair and need a product that does not weigh my Hair down, but given me mega volume. My mom found this product and gave me a try. I was so happy how much thicker and fuller my Hair just took care of drying it. My Hair never went limp and held the style all day! I looked like I was awesome Hair ultimately!!! I would recommend this product to anyone but especially those who are not blessed with wonderful Hair… You will be amazed !!! ”

This is the kind of instant gratification that we could all enjoy more of. To further enhance that Alba effect, Ryan says she will also use the brand’s volumizing spray and finishing cream. Now all you have to do is find a red carpet to strut your stuff around.

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