Las Vegas tourist finds lookalike at Flamingo pool, photo goes viral

Published on: September 2, 2022, 02:00h.

Last update on: September 2, 2022, 03:30h.

Sean McArdle was enjoying a lazy swim at the Flamingo Las Vegas pool when he came across someone he didn’t expect to see: himself.

Not only did the other man look like McArdle, but he sported the same beard, the same white hat and the same glasses. (Most people who wear goggles take them off to swim.)

McArdle — a 46-year-old comic book creator, filmmaker and assistant professor at Kent State University — was in town to help celebrate his pal Dan’s 40th birthday.

Sean Douglas McArdle lookalike
Sean McArdle, a comic book artist from Ohio, poses with his lookalike at the Flamingo Las Vegas pool. Oh yeah, that’s McArdle on the right. (Image: Reddit / @Seandoughlasmcardle)

Oh, then This is Why are you laughing at me

Relieved to understand why a large group of people had been pointing fingers at him and laughing at him, McArdle swam up to his doppelganger. Half-jokingly, he asked if he happened to be Seth Rogen, the 40 year old virgin actor for whom McArdle is often mistaken.

They both posed for a photo that McArdle uploaded to the popular Reddit r/funny forum. “I wasn’t convinced until now,” McArdle captioned the photo, “We’re definitely in a simulation.” This thread has so far garnered 96,000 upvotes and led to an interview on Today’s show.

“I watch and it was like looking in the mirror,” McArdle told NBC-TV’s national morning show. “I saw guys who had similarities with me. But man, this guy just looked like me. It was quite surreal.

Reddit reaction

Most of the Reddit thread’s 2.3K comments expressed similar shock. “Glasses, hat, even the right amount of stubble,” one wrote. Reddit user. “The only thing that would make things better is if they both had chest hair.” Another user wrote: “You should take a DNA test. One of your parents has something to do.

However, not everyone was so convinced by the resemblance. Another one Reddit user posted: “You are 3 in each brewery.”

Uncomfortable reaction at home

McArdle said Today he has two teenagers – 13 and 17 – who reacted differently to the viral encounter of Rogen lookalikes.

“My youngest thought it was pretty funny,” he said. “I finally have something that has more views than her from TIC Tac.” McArdle, however, said the photo caused her 17-year-old son anxiety.

“COVID hit at a strange time for him and his life,” he explained. “So he has some kind of social anxiety and all that. He was suffering from secondary social anxiety when he saw it, seeing two complete strangers so close together.

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