Maisie Williams debuts stern new hairstyle and more celeb stuff

The game of thrones prequel series Dragon House is almost here, but we still have a little time before the last crop of actors to visit Westeros pass the torch to the next. What is that?

Let’s start with Maisie Williams, who played Arya Stark for eight years game of thrones (and could return if this Jon Snow sequel show takes off; anything can happen). The actor recently revealed an extremely short haircut on Instagram:

As someone who shaved their head in high school for the swim team, I can confirm the urgency of just being able to wash their heads with normal soap. Shaved minutes of your shower time! I wonder if the haircut is for a movie or something.

Stay with the Stark sisters, digital spy reports that Sophie Turner (Sansa) has joined the cast of the thriller come as you are, about a young woman whose life begins to crumble when her social media career exposes her to some of the darker corners of society. Spent an hour or two on Twitter and you’ll get the idea.

Gwendoline Christie walks the red carpet for The sand man

Moving on, Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth) plays against type with a role as Lucifer in Netflix’s new fantasy show The sand man. As usual, she made a memorable figure on the red carpet:

The sand man is streaming on Netflix right now. It’s really good. Please watch it so I can see more.

And finally, while Gray Worm may have helped trash the town of King’s Landing after Missandei’s murder, in real life actors Jacob Anderson and Nathalie Emmanuel are doing well and passing each other on public transport:

Don’t you love a happy ending?

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