Meghan Markle’s signature hairstyle is so easy

Meghan Markle has been the center of the royal family’s attention since she married Prince Harry in 2018. She has been berated by the media and does not appear to be in the good graces of the world no matter how hard she tries. Although some have negative opinions about the Duchess, many love her. Its look is still simple but elegant; her hair is either down and wavy or up in a loose bun. And that signature ‘messy bun’ look is actually really easy to achieve.

Meghan Markle wearing her signature messy bun. | Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

Meghan and Duchess Kate Middleton are much admired for their beauty

Meghan and Kate Middleton are sisters-in-law who, according to the press, have clashed several times since Meghan joined the family. Audiences seemed to take sides between the two and grew to prefer one over the other – but one thing they both have in common is that they are greatly admired for their beauty. Kate’s hair and outfits are often discussed in the media, and many people have also been delighted with Meghan’s youthful appearance and shiny, healthy hair.

Meghan’s hair is always perfect

The Duchess of Sussex doesn’t sport too many wild hairstyles. At almost every royal engagement, Meghan’s hair is either straight, wavy, or styled in an effortless hairstyle that you could also call a messy bun. While messy buns are generally thought of as hairstyles people do when hanging out around the house or doing some gardening work, the style has slowly morphed into a look some women wear to highly-rated events. priority. This is where chic and laid back is the image Meghan seems to retain since joining the royal family. Some even called her the New People’s Princess, the nickname once given to Princess Diana.

Its effortless up-do is actually so easy

Meghan Markle bun

Meghan Markle’s bun features loose hair down the front. | Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

While we can’t say the same for Meghan’s young and glowing skin, it surprisingly doesn’t take much to achieve the Duchess’ messy updo look. According to Real Simple, Meghan’s look begins with a parting of the hair in the center. Then, a few inches from the top of the part, grab four inch strands of hair, spray texturizing spray on the roots, and tease to create volume. Repeat this with all the hair near the crown. Smooth voluminous hair with a brush to remove bumps. Then pull the hair into a loose, low ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic. Spray the hair with more texturizing spray, then twist the hair around the top of the pony to create the bun. Use bobby pins to secure it in place. Remove strands at the front of the hairline to create a “messy” look.

Diet also often plays a big role in hair

Not everyone’s hair works the same when it comes to styling. Some people have hair that is naturally more textured than others. Thin, limp hair might not work as well for styling, but diet is one thing that plays a huge role in hair health. Meghan has always been a very healthy eater; she likes whole, unprocessed foods rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The best way to have healthy hair is to give it what it needs: protein, biotin, and antioxidants.

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