Michelle Heaton visits the hair salon and leaves with a blunt bob and ‘new lips’

You can do just about anything in a beauty salon these days, including, it seems, more than one thing to do at the same time. Michelle Heaton is visibly thrilled with this concept as well, having just indulged in a hair appointment and lip tattoo treatment simultaneously.

The former Liberty X member took to Instagram to share the results of the two dates and to offer updates to his fans as the transformation process goes on.

“I had the chop chop,” Michelle first revealed, sharing her new long bob. “Good natural, I love it.”

She went on to explain that she always used hair extensions to achieve this blunt look, but chose to have the length removed several inches. Considering that Michelle usually wears her brunette tresses in really long waves, her sleek new lob is quite the makeover.

Michelle says she loves her now shorter chop

The next phase of her beauty day involved a lip treatment, for which she had to have a numbing cream applied beforehand. Michelle filmed this segment for her followers, showing herself sitting in the barber’s chair with tousled texture added to her hair as a piece of cling film sticks to her lips.

“Numping cream while @petarhristovhair styles the chop…Before my lip blush is topped off with @browsbyrobynalthasen,” she captioned the short video.

Michelle later returned to her stories with pink lips and her freshly styled mid-length look. She seemed thrilled with the results, adding that she was “so thrilled” to have her lip tech as her companion.

Michelle later returned to her stories with pink lips
Michelle later returned to her stories with pink lips

Instagram / @wonderwomanshel
Michelle also had her eyebrows tattooed

If you’ve never heard of a lip treatment and are wondering what it is, it’s basically a form of semi-permanent lipstick. The popular cosmetic procedure uses a machine similar to a tattoo machine to implant color pigment into the lips, resulting in a long-lasting “blush” of subtle color.

As Michelle discovered, you’ll need top-up treatments every 1-2 years to make sure the color doesn’t fade. Since lip tattooing is also not the most comfortable procedure, you will also have to sit in numbing cream, like Michelle.

We think the results are worth a bit of a poke!

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