Mom inflates the paddling pool in just 90 seconds thanks to a game-changing hack

A mum has been hailed a ‘genius’ after sharing her top tip for having a paddling pool inflated and ready in just 90 seconds flat. Perfect for those with impatient children

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Mom shares a game-changing tip for inflating the paddling pool

Summer is finally here, and for countless families across the UK that will naturally mean getting out of the paddling pool as soon as the sun begins to break through the clouds.

Of course, many little ones will be far too excited to wait until their pool is fully inflated and ready for some serious splashing, a process that could well take a while if relying on tired parent breathing alone.

Many people these days will have invested in an inflatable pump that cuts down on inflation time considerably, while giving breathless parents a bit more rest.

However, if you don’t have a pump lying around and don’t feel like buying one, you’ll probably have a handy inflation tool already hidden away in your bedroom drawer.

A mum claims she can inflate her three-year-old’s pool in just 90 seconds flat, simply by using an ordinary barber in a cool setting.

A number of parents regret not knowing this trick years ago


No need to splash out on a new inflation pump


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In a video shared via TikTok, the resourceful mom – who goes by the username @capricesmum – can be seen using her hair dryer to inflate her son’s paddling pool with cool air, and claims she’s been using the method ‘for years’.

She said: “On hot days my son is so eager to get in the pool, and it allows me to do it so quickly. This paddling pool took 90 seconds to inflate.”

Advising caution, she added: “Please make sure there is no water inside as it can be dangerous.”

First she puts the hair dryer on the cool setting


She warned her followers to make sure there is no water inside the pool first


The video has been viewed over 3.9 million times and counting, and many of his fellow parents took notes.

A remorseful person commented, “I wish I had seen that before I blew up the pool with my mouth.”

Another said: ‘As an asthma sufferer who dies almost every year blowing up the pool, I could have done with this advice 10 years ago. But thanks!’

A third person called the trick “genius”, saying it was “one of the best hacks I’ve ever heard”.

It comes shortly after another clever mum advised parents to warm the water in the paddling pool while applying sunscreen, simply by placing large black bags on top.

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