Mum shares her top tip for inflating the paddling pool in less than two minutes for her impatient son during the heatwave

MANY families will be digging their long-forgotten paddling pools in the shed this week.

Once you’ve dusted it off and checked that there are no annoying holes and that it’s free from creepy critters, it’s time to inflate it.


A smart mum shared her paddling pool trickCredit: Tikto/@capricesmum

It seems like every year we all forget how long it takes to inflate paddling pools and how much effort it all takes.

Luckily, this savvy mom has revealed her trick that allows her to blow up her impatient son’s pool in just two minutes.

The mum, who goes by @capricesmum online, shared that she uses a normal hair dryer to blow up her backyard paddling pool for her three-year-old.

In the clip, she said: “Anyone else using a hair dryer on the cool setting to inflate their pool?

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“I’ve been doing this for years and it’s a complete game-changer.

“On hot days my son is so eager to get in the pool and it allows me to do it so quickly.

“This paddling pool took 90 seconds to inflate, please ensure there is no water inside as it can be dangerous.”

The smart mum showed how quickly the big pool inflated and the other parents were amazed by the hack.

One said, “That’s so smart!”

A second wrote: “Omg this woman has been unlocked from the matrix, gotta try this next!”

Others were annoyed that they hadn’t thought about the trick before, “I could have done mine a lot faster.”

Mom said it only takes 90 seconds to inflate


Mom said it only takes 90 seconds to inflateCredit: Tikto/@capricesmum
People were stunned by the trick


People were stunned by the trickCredit: Tikto/@capricesmum

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