Nationally Recognized Fine Bella Hair Salon


An Avon Lake hair salon has been voted one of the best salons in the country two years in a row despite the challenges of the novel coronavirus pandemic last year.

The Fine Bella Hair Salon, 33382 Walker Road, was founded in 1998 under a different name, but the same owner.

Sheri Hancock first opened the salon in the late 1990s, in a tiny house in Avon Lake with her mother, Deborah Smith, who has since retired.

Shari Hancock, owner of Fine Bella Hair Salon in Avon Lake

At that time, the lounge was called “The Cutting Depot” because it was located in a historic building that was previously called “The Old Train Depot Station”.

Hancock spent a year attending college after graduating from Sheffield Lake Schools.

But at the end of her freshman year, she said she decided to change direction and went to cosmetology school.

“I would say I was 14 when I realized this was my talent,” Hancock said of her successful career as a hairstylist. “I knew very early in my career that I wanted to open my own salon.

As the barbershop became more and more busy, mother and daughter began to look for a new place to expand their business as they lacked physical space.

The couple get another building and the living room continues to expand.

Eventually, Hancock found the building the salon is currently in, and this time the move came with a name change.

“I named it Fine Bella, which means beautiful finish in Italian,” Hancock said.

Belle Bella Hair Salon

She hired an architect to help her design her new space and said she felt “blessed” for the living room and its future.

Until a few years ago, the salon offered pedicures and manicures.

But hairstyling demand took off and the salon again changed a bit to keep up with the news, Hancock said.

All chairs and space used for pedicures and manicures have been removed to make way for more shampoo stations, she said.

“We’re strictly a barber shop now,” Hancock said.

She said she had around 200 clients that she looked after on a regular basis and that her employees had thousands more each year.

“I love what I do,” Hancock said. “I love my hair and I love people to feel good about themselves.”

His dedication was recognized over the past two years when the show was named by Salon Today magazine for its “customer service” in 2020.

This year, she said her salon was once again recognized by the magazine for its best practices and strategies in the salon while battling the global pandemic.

“We’ve done everything we can to serve our customers… we always sanitize like wild women,” Hancock said with a laugh.

The lounge offered curbside pickup for its customers when needed, among other accommodations.

Hancock had to close for several weeks early last year as the country closed due to the pandemic.

“We worked a lot of overtime” in the weeks following the reopening in May 2020, she said.

Meeting the needs of their customers while respecting social distancing was difficult, as was finding regularly used products in the salon.

“It was busy and tiring throughout July,” Hancock recalls.

She calls her employees “her team” and maintains a positive energy that is evident in her living room.

“You feel the energy of this place,” Hancock said. “It’s a happy place with positive energy.”

Providing a “stable, healthy and happy work environment” is also important, Hancock said.

She said she viewed her teams as one of her “blessings” and had several employees with her for over 20 years.

“I love being with them,” Hancock said of his employees.

When Hancock is not at the living room, she said she spent as much time as possible with her family.

Hancock has three adult children who are active in their respective universities with sports activities.

As an employer, Hancock said she takes into account the time spent with family by her employees.

“Our children are only young once,” she said. “It’s important to be there for them.

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