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The other day I was changing the channel while my ceiling fan was spinning and the air conditioner was running twice.

Summer officially started this week, but the heat arrived a little earlier. It’s amazing every year we forget that June brings with it very hot days. Hot days are usually followed by humid days. And wet days are followed by thunderstorms.

And frizzy hair. I should know.

Anyway, I stopped at TV Land, which was where we turned during dinner to watch “MASH”, “I Love Lucy”, “The Andy Griffith Show” or “Leave It to Beaver”. Now it’s filled with shows from the 90s, which makes me feel a bit old.

While browsing the channels I came across “The King of Queens” and an episode I hadn’t seen much. The plot of this particular episode centers on the Heffernans getting upset because their new neighbors (husband is Bryan Cranston in one of his many roles before becoming a science teacher and meth dealer in “Breaking Bad” ) just installed a swimming pool very close to the property line.

After getting upset about the pool and threatening legal action, cool heads prevail when Carrie and Doug discover how refreshing a dip can be during a New York heat wave.

Which brings me to our office at New Castle News. We had a few discussions last week about swimming pools. The main takeaway? They cause more trouble than they are worth.

Then I was flipping through TikTok (don’t hit it until you’ve tried it) and came across a video of one guy’s advice to anyone thinking of installing a swimming pool – don’t do it.

It seems everyone with a pool hates it and hates the upkeep (and money) it requires to keep it from turning eight shades of green. Everyone without a pool wishes they had one.

I don’t have a pool currently. None of my friends growing up had a pool. That’s probably why I don’t swim at the Olympic level.

People with swimming pools? Despite all the hassle of going to the stores and buying chemicals just so your kids can use the pool twice a summer, be aware that there are people out there in 92 degree weather yearning to swim in your circular slice of humid paradise.

I’ve never wanted waisted fingers and burning red eyes. Maybe there’s a pool day in my future. For now, I’ll have to live vicariously through TV Land.

(Pete Sirianni is the editor of the New Castle News. Email him at [email protected])

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