QuickCheck: Was a hair salon in Puchong arrested for offering “special services”?

A NEWLY OPEN hair salon made waves recently when photos from its first day of operation went viral, featuring scantily clad women giving customers haircuts for RM1. However, images shared on social media gave the impression that the salon also offered “special massage services”.

Is it true?



It didn’t take long for photos of the barbershop’s opening ceremony posted on social media to go viral, with many assuming the “hairdressers” in sexy attire were offering more than just haircuts.

The images created so much misunderstanding that the salon, located in Puchong, Selangor, had to remove all the images and post a number of messages stressing that it was just a normal hair salon and that no “special massage service” was offered.

He said the “stylists” featured were models hired for his opening ceremony and the photos were meant to be “only funny”.

The parlor also filed a police report into the false news spread about them, saying the photos were for promotional purposes only and it was not a massage parlour.

He also warned people calling their store looking for anything other than haircuts that they would file a police report against them for “disrupting the operation of my store (sic)”.

This did not escape the attention of the Subang Jaya City Council (MBSJ), which sent law enforcement officers to the salon to investigate.

What they discovered however was that the salon did not have a valid license to operate.

MBSJ, in a statement, said it issued the show two compound notices for operating without a license and displaying advertisements without a license.

However, it must be said that all the models had very beautiful hairstyles.


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