Reflections Hair Salon, Thornbury offers free haircuts to Ukrainian refugees

UKRAINIAN refugees were treated to a ‘new do’ by generous hairdressers in Thornbury.

Reflections hair salon in Thornbury High Street gave something back to Ukrainian guests in the city when it opened its doors for a free haircut, some time to relax and ‘hopefully pick up a bit the moral”.

On Monday, July 25, nine staff from Reflections Hair Group in Thornbury and other branches volunteered their time to provide haircuts to Ukrainian guests.

The team made the decision to scrap the free cups following discussions with Thornbury Baptist Church about how to support those going through such a terrible time.

Sophie McIntyre, show manager, said: “We all know what is happening in Ukraine at the moment and we feel a responsibility to offer what we can, to help.”

She said the evening was a huge success with 25 haircuts completed, lots of tasty treats in the form of chocolates and donuts and very happy guests.

An emotional lady, who arrived in the UK from Ukraine in the spring, told staff she ‘hasn’t felt beautiful since March’.

The team ended the evening by giving each guest a mini shampoo and conditioner to take home to continue pampering themselves.

Sophie added: “It was a very emotional night for everyone involved and there were a lot of tears from the staff as well as the guests, but it was so good to help people in this situation a bit. horrible and if we made them feel better, even for a short time, it’s definitely worth it.”

Reflections Hair Group has raised nearly £400 from its salons through generous donations from staff and customers which have been passed on to the Association of Ukrainians in the UK.

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