RuffPool Announces Introducing All-New Dog Pool Skimmer

Easy-to-use RuffPool skimmer


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The benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs

America’s leader in dog-centric pools, RuffPool™, is proud to introduce an easy-to-use pool skimmer specifically designed for dogs.

LAGUNA NIGUEL, California, USA, September 14, 2022 / — RuffPool™ has long been heralded as America’s favorite Dog-Centric portable pool for residential use. With its durable design, easy assembly, and a variety of sizes available, the RuffPool quickly became the top choice for a cost-effective way to provide a dog”doguatherapy.”

Just like humans, dogs need exercise, good nutrition, and often a little more physical therapy than their bodies allow. Dog therapy is the idea of ​​using water as a way for dogs to get more activity and physical therapy without the added burden of gravity that puts more strain on their bodies. Dogs, by their very nature, love water. So once they’re in their own RuffPool, they quickly become more and more active. And that’s the key to a healthy dog.

But maintaining a dog-centric pool can be a nightmare. So RuffPool has once again led the way by announcing an all new RuffPool Skimmer, made in the USA in collaboration with FloSkim. This skimmer, paired with a dog hair sock, can capture nearly 100% of dog hair, debris, and other details that diminish the efficiency of a pool’s pump and filter. “I remember it was always dog hair clogging our pump.” Says Katie Royal, dog trainer and owner of a RuffPool. “The skimmer and the sock capture everything!”

It’s true that dog hair can really clog up pumping operations, making cleaning and maintaining a dog-centric pool a nightmare. With the addition of a RuffPool® RuffPool one-control skimmer makes it easier to clean and maintain a dog-centric pool. And as an introductory offer, a free RuffPool® The skimmer will be included with all RuffPools purchased from the website, which include the purchase of a pump and filter with their order. Offer valid while stocks last.

Just like humans, dogs also need therapy. And for more than ten years, RuffPool has been leading the way.

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See the RuffPool skimmer in action

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