Salon owner warns of scammer posing as Fayetteville hairstylist on social media

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) — A Fayetteville crook takes money for hairdresser appointments, then disappears.

Joyce Carter has been hairstyling for nearly 20 years, and this is the first time she’s had to deal with something like this.

“I’ve had up to 12 people come here (who were) scammed for money,” she said.

Carter owns the Unlimited Styles salon and hair loss clinic in Fayetteville. She said it all started for her when someone walked into her salon looking for a particular stylist.

Carter said the woman told her she paid a deposit for the stylist and was told to go to Unlimited Styles salon and hair loss clinic.

Carter told the woman she had never heard of the stylist she was looking for.

Then the same thing kept happening. Carter said that in any case, the women found the stylist on Facebook.

A victim told tow truck Diane Wilson she posted on Facebook that she was looking for someone to do a particular style and the scammer commented that they could do it, she just had to pay a advance payment. In all cases, the deposit was sent via Cash App.

“It’s not a typical thing a person has to do to get an appointment for any hair type,” Carter explained.

Carter said she felt bad for those losing their money. One of her stylists, Lacreshia Spain, stepped in to help.

“I just went on and did the service because I didn’t think it was right,” she said.

Carter speaks out to make sure others don’t fall for this scam.

“Pretending to be your stylists, and they don’t even exist, and so that scares me and my staff, because we’re legit stylists. We’re working hard to get our cosmetology degree, and just to for someone to come here and do that, it just put us in danger,” Carter said.

Carter suggests calling the stylist directly and booking with them or through a scheduling app. Remember that on social networks it is very easy for anyone to impersonate someone, so be very careful, especially when it comes to money.

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