In Poland, we have several periods of increased consumer activity. Our spending increases maximally both during the holidays and before Christmas and Easter. There is then a real shopping fever. We run around the stores in search of gifts, as well as products for the Christmas table. In turn, in the summer we are looking for the best travel agency offers, because we want to have a good rest. All this involves expenses that we often cannot afford. That is why we borrow money in banks and loan companies. 

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Payday loans are becoming more and more popular recently. Payday loans no credit check via is a quick and simple way to get extra money for consumption. You do not have to meet such high requirements that banks impose on borrowers. Loan companies approach this topic more flexibly. The procedure for granting a payday loan is maximally simplified and lasts only a few minutes. This is a good option for people who need quick cash without unnecessary formalities.

The so-called. payday loans are granted by parabanks and loan companies. Their characteristic feature is the very short duration of the loan agreement – it is usually 30 days. However, there are also periods of 30, 45, and 90 days, and even 12 months. Amounts of loans of this type are not too large, and their ceiling usually fluctuates around several thousand USD. They are intended to be quick loans for a short period and for a small amount. Hence their huge popularity. The formalities to be met in the bank and the requirements for clients mean that many potential borrowers prefer to use the offer of loan companies. Even if they have creditworthiness and they could successfully get a bank loan.

Loans for free

Yes, this is possible. Many loan companies offer a promotion in which the first customers can count on a completely free loan. It will seem impossible for many of you. But this is true. And this is an advantage over the bank’s offer. We always have to take into account the costs when taking out a loan or a loan there. Banks are making money on this. On the other hand, loan companies use a promotion in which the loan costs us nothing. Vivus was the first company to apply this type of promotion. Currently, virtually all such entities offer a free loan.

How it’s working? The rule is simple: you borrow 1000 USD and give back 1000 USD. You don’t pay any costs. There is only one condition. For the first time, you use the offer of a given company and return the money within the prescribed period. Simple? If you are sure that you will have the cash needed to repay the liability within the prescribed period, this is the offer to be directed to you as much as possible. However, you must be very careful. In case you are late with paying the payday loan, the loan company will charge you the same as with the standard offer. Then a free loan can get very expensive. It is worth ensuring a repayment date.

Payday expenses

Payday expenses

However, if you do not use the exceptionally attractive promotion, which is the first free payday pay, you must take into account the costs associated with the standard offer. It is primarily the interest rate on the loan and accompanying fees such as commission, margin or preparation fee. How can you quickly determine the total cost of a loan? First of all, you should use the Real Annual Interest Rate. The APRC of the annual scale shows us the total cost of the loan. But beware – thanks to RRO, we should compare uniform loans in terms of the amount and length of the loan period. If we compare a loan of USD 1,400 for 30 days with a loan of USD 4,000 for 12 months, the image that the APRC will give us will be significantly distorted. Then it is better to compare what amounts we really have to pay.

Instantaneous pay without BIK

One of the reasons why we can’t get a bank loan is our credit history at BIK. The bank meticulously checks its potential customers at BIK, and even at BIG and KRD. Banks’ lending policy is strictly regulated and they do not have much room for maneuver here. Loan companies can be more flexible when it comes to assessing their clients’ creditworthiness. To the extent that some loan companies do not even import the BIK database. For borrowers, this means that despite the debt and late repayment of existing financial obligations, they still have a chance to borrow money. Of course, not every company works like that. Most, however, analyze the BIK database. But if you have this kind of financial problems as mentioned above, then you should look for such an offer where BIK is not taken into account.