Simone Ashley’s purple eyeshadow is perfect for pool party makeup

The 2010s weren’t that far away, but might as well be an eternity in beauty years. In just half a decade, virtually every popular application style and technique has transformed, mostly for the better. Among the biggest changes, the emphasis on fun and free use of colors might be supreme. Most makeup of the ‘era’ prioritized perfection over self-expression – but an emerging generation of tastemakers changed that. Take Bridgertonis Simone Ashley, for example. She wears eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and glossy lipstick with impressive ease, inspiring legions of other beauty lovers to join in the fun. Simone Ashley’s purple eyeshadow, which just debuted for the May 29 Monaco Grand Prix, is also a great place to start.

Ashley’s race-ready look was a perfect combination of ultra-precise makeup and shiny, loose waves for plenty of summer irreverence. celebrity makeup artist Valerie Ferreira (she works with stars like Anya Taylor-Joy, Victoria Beckham and Lydia West) applied what she aptly described as an #amethyst moment, ringing Ashley’s smoky brown eyes with layers of rich purple and shimmering. And to help those summer-perfect purples pop even more, Ferreira made the expert choice to coat Ashley’s lashes with a dramatic black mascara. The effect is striking, thanks in large part to its minimalism.

A standout eye shadow and a few supporting products managed to have maximum impact — and that’s kind of Ashley MO’s beauty To complete Ashley’s makeup for the star-studded racing event, Ferreira focused on timeless brushed brows, glowing skin accentuated by contouring, and lip color so nude, it’s almost imperceptible on Ashley’s full, arched lips.

Of course, the other key elements to her summery, standout look are the shiny, full-bodied waves and curls falling from a silk scarf just past her shoulders. Stylized by Stone Lux (he counts Bella Hadid, Naomie Harris and Alexa Demie among his regular clients), the look simply glorifies and accentuates Ashley’s natural curl pattern.

Ashley’s power, however, is more than her willingness to play with color, style and placement – the way she carries herself, with such regal poise, that even a completely exaggerated moment manages to seem effortless to her. It’s clear – a new beauty icon has arrived, and she was well worth the wait.

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