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Keep your pool neat and clean all year round with this pool cleaner robot.

In this article, we are going to talk about how the can do a great cleaning for you. As a result, it gives you more time to relax and enjoy your pool.

Having a swimming pool is a pleasure in life, but cleaning it usually is not. With pool filters, skimmers, and pool vacuums, have you ever felt like keeping your pool invitingly clean is an endless pain?

Experience a Cleaner Pool Surface with SMOROBOT Tank X11

SMOROBOT Tank X11 is a wireless pool cleaning robot equipped with intelligent path planning navigation. It cleans the walls, the water line and the floor. It covers all pool surfaces and removes dirt, silt, sand, gravel, leaves, algae, hair, etc.

In fact, SMOROBOT Tank X11 requires no human engagement. At work, it does not need human intervention or application control. Even better, he finishes the hard work on his own.

Learn more about its features and specifications

Discover the most important features of this pool cleaner robot.

Lightweight and cordless design

It weighs 18 pounds (8.3 kilograms) and is compact and portable. It does not require additional cords or cables, so there is no tripping hazard.

Intelligent path planning

It is equipped with revolutionary intelligent path planning technology, which increases cleaning efficiency by covering all walls, floors and hard-to-reach areas.

Long battery life

This pool cleaner has a large battery capacity of 10,000 mAh and a battery life of 3.5 hours, during which it can cover an area of ​​up to 4,100 square feet.

Impressive cleaning rate

The SMOROBOT Tank X11 cleans 1180 square feet per hour. Suitable for most surface materials, it can clean walls and waterline, removing dirt, algae, sediment, etc.

Powerful suction

This pool cleaner has a suction power of 188 watts. This allows it to easily pick up gravel and bits of metal as well as leaves and dirt.

24 month warranty

The Tank X11 has a warranty period of 24 months for production defects, wear and damage due to normal use. It includes the battery and motor, and the brand offers free repairs, replacements, and round-trip shipping.

See what’s included with this pool cleaner

For a satisfying open-box experience, review what comes with your cleaner.

  • 1 Tank X11
  • 1 standard charger (add a quick charger to get a 1.5 hour charge)
  • 1 standard fine filter basket
  • 1 ultra-fine filter basket
  • 1 hook (for recovery)
  • 1 floating ring and rope
  • 2 spare cap nuts (M4)
  • 2 spare screws (M4x40)
Keep your pool clean with the SMOROBOT Tank X11

Install the Tank X11 with ease

The Tank X11 has a nice looking wireless design to save you time with cables. Plus, it can clean pools up to 9 feet deep, a range that includes most residential pools.

Before first use, you just need to fully charge it and install the filter basket. Charging time is approximately 2.5 hours using the standard charger.

You can know the battery status by the number of green indicators on the robot. When all the lights turn green or white, it is fully charged. When installing the filter, press down on the top cover and gently pull up and out to open the latch.

After putting the Tank X11 into water, it will take 2-3 minutes to self-test. This is important to ensure that each functional unit is in good working order. As long as you don’t see any red lights, everything is fine.

Then you can watch it start working. According to the default schedule, it will clean the walls and water pipe first, then clean the floor.

The SMOROBOT Tank X11 leaves you with a sparkling pool and more time to relax
This pool cleaner works on its own

Watch him clean the walls and floor first

It’s interesting to see the Tank X11 doing its job. With powerful suction, it climbs up walls and removes algae and mud that make walls slimy and dirty. When it reaches the waterline, where the floating matter accumulates, it rubs intensely.

Additionally, to provide comprehensive coverage of all surfaces, the Tank X11 relies on high-precision sensors to locate itself and a motion control system to adjust its position in real time.

It is an observable characteristic when it cleans both the walls and the floor. After watching it, you will realize that it will never skip spots.

Intelligent path planning allows it to follow neat back-and-forth rows to maximize coverage, even often overlooked edges and corners. Meanwhile, trajectory planning improves coverage and cleaning efficiency. Best of all, you won’t need to clean these areas manually.

The SMOROBOT Tank X11 leaves you with a sparkling pool and more time to relax
It has a powerful suction

Enjoy its recovery and cleansing process

Once the Tank X11 completes the cleaning cycle, it heads for the nearest wall and stops there. Just take it out of the water using the hook included in the accessories.

Then, remove the filter basket and clean it with a hose. You will be surprised at what the filter is able to trap. The recovery and cleanup process is quite simple and only takes a few minutes.

The SMOROBOT Tank X11 leaves you with a sparkling pool and more time to relax
It’s like having a personal pool cleaner

Save time with this useful device

Overall, in this review process, I was impressed with Smart performance, cordless design and powerful suction. Compact and lightweight, it scrubs and captures different types of dirt and debris in the pool with excellent adaptability to pool shapes.

It should be noted that it is a design choice not to have application control. Throughout the cleaning process, the Tank X11 seems to know its job very well and acts as a reliable pool cleaning assistant.

You don’t need to tell him what to do. Once in the pool, he skillfully handles everything related to the task. You don’t have to do anything other than charge it, turn it on and clean it afterwards. So it’s a very good way to save time.

Amy Poole is a writer and editor at Gadget Flow. When she’s not into all things gadgetry, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Rosie, and staying in shape.

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