Stacey Solomon shows off freaky toes as she lounges by the pool

Stacey Solomon showed off a weird party trick she can do with her toes as she enjoyed a day by her new pool with her family. The mum-of-four was soaking up the sun at the pool she brought back to life in the garden of her fiancé Joe Swash’s home, known as Pickle Cottage.

As she relaxed on a lounge chair, the Loose Women and Sort Your Life Out star pointed her toes upwards – almost as if giving a thumbs up. She captioned the photo: “Toes up to this time,” adding a sun emoji and a smiley face with starry eyes.

She added, “I’m going to get some sun and do something today.” Stacey added praying hands and a laughing emoji to the post.

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Stacey, who we all love for her honesty, has previously said she’s not good at keeping her feet in shape. She previously told Loose Women viewers that her hair was longer than her eyelashes.

The former X-Factor contestant explained that she needed to shave her feet and get a pedicure before doing a “foot reading” with a foot specialist. Foot reader Jane Sheehan deduced from Stacey’s toes that her “logic and emotions work separately”, and that she is now able to make quick decisions.

Stacey said: “I haven’t looked at my feet in so long that my toenails were going down to the floor.” She added: “My toe hair is longer than my eyelashes, I don’t know why, or who decided nature thought it was a good idea, but I was really proud that I had it installed. my pedicure.”

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