The season to experiment with your hairstyle without worrying about the metal in your hair has arrived

With a great mane comes great responsibility. Whether it’s a night out with your friends or partner, or a big day at work, when you can control everything from your OOTD to your makeup if your hair game is out of sync , that stunning look you’re aiming for, will fall flat. The most commonly cited reason why your hair isn’t as full and healthy as you’d like and is rather dull and brittle is because of the presence of metal in your hair. Yes, you read that right. Shocking as it may sound, it’s true that our environment impacts our overall well-being from head to toe. Although the level of metal can vary depending on water quality and hair porosity, the harsh truth is that even the cleanest water is bound to contain metal particles. This usually happens due to the erosion of metal piping just about anywhere – in your gym, living room, home, or swimming pool. On top of all that, if you’ve colored your hair, you need to pay even more attention to maintenance and most importantly, keep your delicate hair fibers metal proof.
What are you doing to contain the damage and bring back the rebound? As always, we’ve got the answer to keep tabs on mane control through extensive research and Metal DX processing by L’Oreal Professional Paris! The breakthrough you need is finally here…

Science-backed research meets innovation in hair care

In order to understand how metal hair is quickly replacing metal music, it is imperative to know how we got here and what we can do to get rid of it. The thing is, the more porous your hair fiber, the greater the buildup, because the fibers act like a sponge. And the only way to contain the damage is to neutralize the presence of metal particles in your hair. We have to thank the good folks at L’Oréal Professionnel Paris for dedicating seven solid years of research, with over 102 instrumental tests and over 1000 tests on real clients! The Result—Metal DX processing by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, enriched with Glicoamine, a molecule small enough to penetrate inside the fiber which helps to neutralize the metal.

Keeping your hair healthy makes post-color and in-salon treatment easier

When you want 87% less breakage and premium color results, salon professionals will be sure to use the Metal range DX processing by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris to keep your hair healthy and strong. The three-step program will include a pre-treatment formula that neutralizes the metal in your hair. The second step will include an anti-metal and sulfate-free shampoo that protects your hair, and the third step will finally help keep your hair well nourished with the anti-deposit protective mask. Bounce back to your next destination with a healthy metal-free in-salon hair treatment!

Give your hair the love it needs at home

Once you’re home, after coloring and treatment, continue to give your hair the love it deserves. Remember that your hair is just as likely to absorb metals every time you wash it. Use the shampoo and protective mask used at the salon when you are at home to keep vitality intact and prevent breakage. The fresh citrus scent along with the earthy, musky base note of wood will ensure that your hair not only looks healthy, but smells divine wherever you go.

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*Instrumental test: Metal DX Pre-Treatment + Technical Procedure + Shampoo + Mask

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