The “zany” hairdressing salon in Hull which brings back the perm, the mullet and the “shaggy” cut

Mousey Brown’s might be named after one of the most boring hairstyles out there, but there’s nothing boring about this cutting-edge salon.

Humber Street hairstylists are gaining a reputation for creating the wackiest, boldest, and most colorful styles, and owner Sarah Clayton is even on a mission to bring back designs from the ’70s and’ 80s that we all thought we had seen back. .

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Sarah explains, “We love bright colors and color pops, where the hair can be dark pink, change to light pink, then blonde.

“Our stylists are heavily trained, they are like soldiers!

“We’re not afraid to use bleach and colors, and we do a lot of mullet and shag cuts, I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a big, shaggy power ballad hairstyle?

“Our clients have really embraced it, and we have clients in their 80s with pastel colored hair.”

Mousey Brown’s Living Room at Hull’s Humber Street is perhaps Hull’s “wackiest” living room with edgy colors and cuts

Sarah is a huge fan of balayage, a hand-painted coloring technique, and the staff recently returned from a training session with top stylists in London, where they honed their technique.

Sarah said: “We hand paint on men as well as women, even men with short hair. I guess we maybe do things that others don’t, but there are a lot of salons. incredible in Hull.

“I like to think that we are bringing styles and colors from outside of Hull to Hull. People come here to have an experience, we have a beautiful salon in a beautiful setting and we love the hair.”

Sarah Clayton, Mousey Brown Hair Salon
Sarah Clayton, Mousey Brown Hair Salon

Sarah, who also styles hair for theatrical productions and is trained to do hairstyles from all eras, said some styles from the ’70s and’ 80s should never make a comeback, but she has seen demand for their return.

“They said the mullet would never come back, but it does. These hairstyles from the 70s and 80s are my guilty pleasure, I just love them. The shag cut is really amazing, and people are perming them now too. .

A client combined the mullet and a perm for this retro style that was created at Mousey Brown's in Humber Street
A client combined the mullet and a perm for this retro style that was created at Mousey Brown’s in Humber Street

“Few hair salons do perms, but we are asked to do them and we love them.

The bigger and more shaggy, the better! “

The salon opened four years ago and is rated five stars on Google, making it one of the top ten hair salons in town.

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