Toriah Lachell Opened Her Hair Salon After Becoming Jayson Tatum’s Ex-Girlfriend – Facts About Her

Toriah Lachell is a 22-year-old licensed professional hairstylist who specializes in all types of curly hair. After becoming an NBA Celtic star, by Jayson Tatum ex-girlfriend, she opened her hair salon, The Curl Bar, in Boston.

Despite Toriah Lachell’s ex-boyfriend fame, she made headlines of her own. At the time of publication, The curl bar had already amassed 6.4,000 followers on Instagram. She became a successful business owner after giving birth to her son.

Toriah Lachell, a passionate young mother and businesswoman, opened The Curl Bar in 2021 to help others take care of their curls. She captioned a Publish on Instagram explaining how her love for hair started learning to accept, embrace and love her hair.

Facts about Toriah

Lachell’s first name is pronounced: Tor-E-uh, and she is also called “Toriah Mimms”. She was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri in February 2000 and moved to Boston four years ago.

She would be there the girl of Julie Gibbs and daughter-in-law of John Gibbs – graduate of Northwest High School. The curl stylist seems to have a sweet tooth as she confessed that she is “addicted to chocolate cake and will eat it for breakfast with no regrets”. The Curl Bar owner also said:

“I’m proud to be the best and to always pursue my studies.”

Tatum’s ex-girlfriend played college football throughout her four years of high school and even tried softball. She played softball for four years – two years of junior varsity softball and two years of varsity softball.

She’s spent years tending to her luscious locks and helping others along the way.

The self-proclaimed old soul loves listening to R&B and ranks Tupac among his top five favorite rappers. Lachell could also spend hours in the candle and notebook aisles at Home Goods. Good that she claims she was not a “girly girl”, her favorite color is light pink.

Her favorite color comes as no surprise, as The Curl Bar’s Instagram page features hints of light pink in every third photo. In addition to The Curl Bar page, she has another Instagram account where she shares photos of her styling all types of curly hair.

Clients big and small rely on her professional help to take care of their curls. Lachell said she was a homebody and first and foremost an introvert. But although she is introverted, she can adapt to her surroundings and be outgoing when necessary – an important skill to have as a stylist.

From an early age, Lachell used relaxers on her hair until she was old enough to learn how to take care of it herself. She’s spent years tending to her luscious locks and helping others along the way. Lachell then took the plunge and enrolled in cosmetology school.

Years later, Lachell is now a certified Deva curl, Cut it Kinky Alumna and certified Rezo Cut stylist. She is constantly looking to further her education and improve her skills to become one of the top professional curl stylists.

Currently, Lachell owns The Curl Bar hair salon, which specializes in customers with curly hair. She is thrilled to be on the other side of the chair and to be able to help customers along the journey that she has been on herself.

Toriah is a mother

Lachell has given birth to a baby boy in 2017, two months into Tatum’s first NBA season. At 19, Tatum became a father, while Lachell became a mother at 17. Their son was named Christopher Jayson Tatum Jr. but is better known by his nickname, Deuce.

Although the birth of their son didn’t unite the former high school sweethearts, they seem to have a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Lachell’s son is often spotted at his father’s games. Tatum Jr. is already a celebrity who had the crowd shouting his name as he reportedly walked to his seat with his grandmother. Tatum’s teammate Marcus Smart is said to have said:

“He has everyone changing his diapers and whatever he wants they are attentive to him. […] Anything Deuce says goes.”

At just five years old, Tatum Jr. seemed to have the Celtics wrapped around his little finger and seemed to have more fans than his NBA star father. Tatum admitted he was surprised fans adore his son the way they do and said“I really didn’t expect that.”

Toriah’s relationship with Jayson Tatum

Tatum plays for the Celtics and is considered one of the best youngsters NBA Stars in the league. Lachell would have been from Tatum high school sweetheart but later parted ways. After their separation, Lachell discovered that she was pregnant with Tatum’s baby.

The Celtic star would have been go out with someone else when Lachell announced her pregnancy. Tatum reportedly saw Samie Amos, a volleyball player, when he learned his ex-girlfriend was pregnant.

Another report, however, said young parents separate shortly after the birth of their son. Lachell gave birth to Tatum Jr. on December 6, 2017.

Although the birth of their son didn’t unite the former high school sweethearts, they seem to have a healthy co-parenting relationship. Tatum likes to be a young father and thinks it’s amazing to be able to grow up with her son.

It’s still unclear if Toriah Lachelle and Jayson Tatum are dating anyone else. The couple seem to be keeping their romantic relationships private and out of the spotlight. If they’ve dipped their toes in the dating pool, they’ve kept it very low key.

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